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ps... thank you to everyone that continues to support us here at classic, it's been a blooming hard year and is at times physically and mentally exhausting ( with occasional blue air on my part stripping old z3s for parts/engines/gearboxes in the peeing rain outside our tiny unit, or tripping over my feet as we've grown so quickly and need somewhere bigger! ) but... only a year in and we are seeing incredible results.
the complete kit car magazine feature this month was amazing, if I was "real girl" not a mechanic bird it would have moved me to tears, and tkc is about to feature us too.
we couldn't do this without you chaps pushing us forward and encouraging us to keep learning and growing.. there are exciting developments in the pipeline in the coming year.

if anyone has any questions just ask, its often chaos so a phone call is usually quicker option.
thanks all, can't wait to see what the next year brings!
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