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Originally Posted by SwiftyDS View Post
All jokes aside and thanks for comments/replies but I think the excess use of hardner is probably to blame here on my part. For those whoíve tried to fill the area around the lights on the MRS200 kit when using MK1 lights, there is quite some gap to fill.

I built this up using UPOL GRP resin filler which has pretty much remained solid. I then filled the top layer of this with Big Boy (!!) Easy sanding filler. I reckon itís this that I first left too thick a layer first off to fill and then second used too much hardner in it when applying.

Anyway not too difficult a job to sort and on the list of 6/7 minor jobs left now to get done before MOT.

Thanks Nick for the pointers on the gel coat - I think Iím a long way away from actual paint yet :-)
You need to get a move on mate as the car we started on Thursday will have the panels done by Monday and then it can go for paint
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