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Finally managed to carve out some time to get through the snagging list of jobs to do to get the MRS200 ready for it’s MOT.

When I fitted the coilovers all round earlier in the year, I managed to shear the bolts holding the ABS wire to the coilovers on both sides, that’s despite me cleaning the threads out. So first on the list was to drill the bolts out and sort them out. Whilst I had the front wheels off I rubbed the calipers down and gave them a nice coat of red enamel. At some point the previous owner of the MR2 Roadster had fitted those nasty fake Brembo plastic covers so there was a load of black high temp silicon adhesive to scrape off. Same had to be done with both rear calipers.

Whilst I had the rear wheels off I decided to make a start on the arch liners. I had planned to form these from thin UPVC sheets, but then decided I would try to rework/repurpose the old MR2 Roadster arch liners. I thought they would sit too low in the arch relative to the MRS200 bodywork, but now I’ve lowered the car by over 50mm it was possible to reuse these with minimal cutting and making some new mounting points.

They seem to work OK and will do for getting the car through the MOT and then I’ll see how they hold up on the road.

I also tidied up the join on the passenger side between the rear clam and the sill which had never really lined up closely so that’s now sorted.

Tomorrow’s jobs are to sort out the mount for the petrol flap release mechanism now I’ve got the wheel arch liners back in, and to refit the MR2 under engine ‘nappies’ as it’s not clear if they will be picked up as missing when it comes to the MOT.

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