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Thanks Wozzy. I replaced all the suspension and springs with BC Racing BR series coilovers. As they come out of the box they lowered the car by approx 40mm. I decided that still didn’t look low enough so I took it down a further 25-30mm so it’s approx 70mm lowered all round. I got them from KAM Racing and spec’d them with 4/6 spring ratings.

I tried to also adjust the stance a little for looks and to try to replicate the original RS200 but didn’t want to play around too much with this and adversely affect the MR2 handling.

Here’s a couple of side on pics taken a few months ago - I’ve been fettling the bodywork since, particularly the join on the passenger side where the clam meets the rear of the sill.

It was relatively easy to fit the coilovers and I managed to do this on my own in a couple of afternoons. As the car still isn’t MOT’d I’ve been limited to a few short runs on a private road - it has certainly stiffened everything up!

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