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Managed to get another couple of hours working on the car yesterday. Apart from sorting out the filling around the rear lights everything is done on the back end now.

Passenger side arch liner is in, and as I said on the post earlier in the week, I tidied up the join between the clam and the sill on this side. Petrol flap release mechanism working, although I think I might need to pad out the hinge metal where it pushes against the inside of the clam as it’s not exactly “springing” open when you press the release from inside the car. But still it opens and works :-)

Also sorted out the underside of the engine and removed the trays/nappies at the rear end as pretty sure these won’t get picked up for the MOT.

As you can see from this pic I will be avoiding all traffic calming/speed bumps now it’s lowered as there isn’t a lot of space under the back of the car.

I think I will also fit a small stainless/ally piece just above where the exhaust pipes exit the clam to protect the fibreglass, and rivet this in - well sort of adds to the rally car look! Oh and the mud flaps are ordered so they should be fitted next week.

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