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Yep hopefully shouldn’t need doing that often. My front arches are also quite narrow the way I’ve ended up fitting them so it’s not too difficult to reach round to get to the headlamp adjustment screws, especially if I do the mod you’ve suggested.

I bit the bullet this afternoon and dug out pretty much all of the filler that I’d used to mod the rear clam for the Sierra MK1 lights. This had cracked quite badly where the bulk of the filler was in the wing area. I suspect I didn’t wait long enough when applying it the first time and as it’s quite a void to fill it probably just expanded over time and then cracked.

So I dug it all out and built it up slowly, this time using GRP resin filler which I allowed to set/harden and built it up in a number of layers.

I’ve left it to fully harden overnight and to cool down (as it’s GRP based it gets quite hot as the hardener does it’s job) and will work on the final surface filler over the weekend and give it a coat of primer.

Whilst I had the lights out I also fettled with the mounting points for these as I wasn’t happy with how flush they were on the leading edge of the clam wing.

I’m much happier with them now (they aren’t actually bolted in on the picture above so there’s a gap that shouldn’t be there).

Another job to add to the list of things to do before the MOT is to take off all the black vinyl I’d put on around the clam vents and rear number plate area of the clam. This was just to help me visualise what I would look like come paint time, but I will probably give these areas a coat of black plastidip just to keep the look going until it comes to paint time - the vinyl is just falling off the fibreglass anyway.

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