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Thanks for the positive feedback.

I wasn’t sure what to do Nick before painting it, then as the panels came up OK with various grades of wet and dry and, as you say, matt is the new black, I decided I’d see how much of the 1986 rally livery was recreatable. The cost of decent quality vinyl decals pretty amazed me in terms of how cheap they were and what started off as a few discrete stickers quickly turned into sourcing a complete replica livery minus the dark blue stripes down the size and upper part of the rear clam.

I’ve had a quote to do them in a vinyl wrap but the wrap company aren’t keen to do it on the raw GRP even if it is rubbed down, so if I decide to stay with the rally theme that bit will have to wait until it’s actually painted.

Will post a couple more pics over the next week or so as I finish applying the decals and get a better idea of what it looks like - oh and of course it will look that much better with the blue rally mudflaps that have just arrived :-)
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