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Yes Nick I’m going to give it a go. I think there’s a bit of “forgiveness” in the Plasti Dip paint with it being a rubber type texture and I’ve got a decent enough smooth finish on the area around the top of the clam, air intake and the doors.

I played about with masking the stripes up and decided on a 2” gap between them and keeping them the same size, rather than reducing the width of them towards the rear of the clam as in the original.

Here’s a pic with it just mocked up in normal masking tape - I need to do it properly in low tack automotive masking tape, but you get the idea. Going with 2” tape like the picture here should make it easier and the trick with Plasti Dip is to remove the masking tape before the last coat dries otherwise it can easily tear the paint.

Anyway if it looks awful I should just be able to peel it off and either leave it white or use a different paint.

Hopefully the masking tape shows up on the pictures here as it’s pretty light in colour

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