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I spent some time today assessing the paintwork I did earlier in the week using the blue Plasti Dip. I knew I needed to re-do large parts of the passenger side of the car, particular the door areas where there were large runs, but on closer inspection I reckon I need to apply at least another 2 - 3 coats on the drivers side, and as I need to start again on the passenger side, that’s another 5 - 6 coats at least.

Calculating the amount of Plasti Dip I need for this, it’s getting a bit silly given that this is an interim job until I get the car professional painted.

So I’m currently debating either leaving it as-is, taking all the Plasti Dip blue off (as I said on an earlier post the good news is that it does peel off the fibreglass as it’s supposed to do off normal paint) or attempting to recreate the same effect using vinyl.

Looking at the first option here, to be honest I can’t really bring myself to taking this out on the road given the state of the passenger side. So that really only leaves taking it back to white (but leaving all the decals/stickers on) or trying to recreate the same effect in vinyl.

The stripes and door areas are quite simple as I can get vinyl in 50mm and 100mm widths which makes the majority of the stripes pretty easy to deal with, and having spent a day masking the car up for paint, it’s not that much more effort to get a decent job using vinyl. The trouble areas are the ears next to the intercooler.

The other challenge is matching the colours, as I can’t find a supplier who can do same colour vinyl in 50mm, 100mm and standard 1520mm widths.

So this I’m currently leaning towards having a go with vinyl (which means pulling the Plasti Dip off first) but going with this colour scheme (which is still Ford Original from what I can remember).


Any thoughts and feedback from you all would be gratefully appreciated as they say!
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