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Thanks Nick - the gloss is certainly adding a contrast from the 100s of stickers/decals I’ve now got on the car :-)

I know what you mean about cutting the vinyl rather than sourcing the right width stripes. I did have a go using some spare black vinyl I had and I could probably manage the 100mm stripe but the 50mm one was too thin and kept moving about slightly as I cut it to the right width.

In the end I did find a UK based supplier of an Italian manufactured vinyl that could do the 50mm and 100mm stripes as well as standard 1.22/1.55m vinyl on a roll but unfortunately the stripes were a slightly different colour swatch/palette than the larger vinyl and I couldn’t get a close enough match on a dark blue.

All said I think I’m happy with what the effect should be using the three colours and having gone through the pain of masking it all up for when I made the Plasti Dip attempt, I feel more confident now that I can get a decent finish on the stripes using vinyl. There’s also a couple of tricks I picked up from the owner of DMB Graphics who used vinyl stripes on his about where to make some joins that shouldn’t show.

Will still leave the “ears” though which I know will be a pain particularly pulling the vinyl round the front aperture where the grilles are.

Hopefully the vinyl should be turning up tomorrow so I need to get on and pull the rest of the Plasti Dip off, marking up of course with masking first where the vinyl needs to go!
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