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Quick question for folks following my thread here ... can anyone recommend a custom vinyl decal / sticker printing shop who are prepared to do low quantity runs?

I can get to any number of bulk order shops on eBay but so far struggling to get a response from the couple of suppliers I’ve used in the past.

I’ve managed to source high quality .tiff images of the last 3 decals I am missing - they go on the sills either side, and so far I’ve used some alternative ones on each side.

Each sticker/decal size isn’t that big - approx 245mm - 280mm wide by 130mm deep. The Speedline one ideally needs to be die cut but I could live with it on a white background.

I’d have a go myself with my home inkjet printer but past experience has been that they are never waterproof enough even after treating the waterproof vinyl after printing.

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