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A quick update on the couple of hours I managed to spend on the car this afternoon.

Unfortunately only the vinyl arrived for the stripes - the dark blue vinyl on a roll is now not due to arrive until tomorrow. That gave me more time to get all the Plasti Dip off, and even left some time to paint the inner edges of the headlamp cowls.

I’ve decided to not paint the inside edges of the lower air vents in the bumpers - it appears majority of original cars had these left white.

When the dark blue vinyl does arrive, I need to make a decision on what colour to use for the three smaller stripes. When ordering at the weekend I couldn’t decide between a dark grey and a silver based on the colour palette I was choosing from online. In the end I ordered both. Here they are with the wider 100mm sky blue vinyl against the intercooler intake on the rear clam, still with the Plasti Dip on. The vinyl for that area will be a much darker blue, hopefully close to the original Ford dark blue.

I need to wait until the dark blue vinyl arrives to decide, but I think I’m leaning towards the dark grey rather than the silver.

It looks brighter when you hold it up to the side of the car, and it’s also a lot glossier than the silver vinyl which is a bit more matte in appearance.

All that said, maybe if the dark blue really is a “dark blue” I will need the brighter contrast of the silver vs the dark grey. Decisions decisions :-)
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