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IanA - that was a great recommendation on the eBay vinyl printing company. It turned out they were only 10 mins from where I live as well. I uploaded the images yesterday morning and today 14 stickers turned up for the pricely sum of 13.50 incl postage! They even had an offer on with discount for buying 3 lots.

Quality looks very good and they’re even ready cut (you can specify what shape/outline to have them cut on the vinyl).

Mid afternoon the remaining blue vinyl on the roll turned up and and it’s spot on in terms of the colour I was aiming for. I think I’ve decided on the dark grey for the thinner stripe but will apply the dark blue first to get a better idea.

I couldn’t resist having a go at a couple of easy parts just to see what the quality was like. It’s pretty good for the price but doesn’t have the air release channels you get on the expensive 3M stuff. So far it’s going on ok and I’ve accepted there will need to be some overlaps in less visible areas particularly around the ears next to the intercooler which will have to be a separate piece of vinyl.

I think for the larger areas like the roof panel and the door skins I will try wet application of the vinyl with a little spray of weak soap solution as it looks like it will be difficult to apply without air bubbles. That’s helped before but I need to test a sample of the vinyl to see how it reacts.

The Plasti Dip is still on the door panels as I decided to make the dark blue stripe wider than I’d originally done in paint and I still need to mask up where the large white square now needs to be cut out on the door.

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