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Slow but steady progress yesterday applying the vinyl to the drivers side. Just about there now and will post some pics later today when I can get to the car.

Pleased with the outcome, and applying the larger dark blue pieces wet (very weak soapy water in a fine spray bottle) was much easier both in terms of being able to reposition the vinyl to get it lined up, and also getting rid of the larger air bubbles on application. Seems to be holding up OK and I even managed to fold the blue piece on the door skin in and out of the channel that runs along the middle of the car.

All the parts for the remote battery isolator switch also turned up yesterday. I managed to find a nice junction box rated at high enough Amps that I will use to extend the current negative wiring without having to cut that off and remake a lug/connection point. The isolator switch itself will be mounted on the rear crash bar low enough that I can reach it from the underside of the clam - should be a job for later today or the weekend. Here’s it prior to going on the car.

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