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Ah, thanks for waking me up out of my dreams and telling me to do my homework... It looks to be not simple... But this document
Cosmetic body kits and components [including utility canopies and plastic bumper skins]
 The fitting system does not weaken the vehicle structure, and
 no frontal impact components have been removed where the vehicle is required to comply with a frontal impact occupant protection standard (see note on page 1), and
 the kit or components do not present any forward-facing external projections, and
 the performance of any lamp is not affected as a result of the kit or components.

seems to imply you can remove the front beam if the car was made before march 1999...

Agree that some of the other documents word things slightly differently and talk about modification date rather than the original manufacturing date. In the end you probably still need the car the be lvv certified but it should remain exempt of meeting any frontal impact standard?
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