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Default Washer Jets fitted

Originally Posted by rossnzwpi View Post
FYI there are three Fiat 850 lenses on Trademe at the moment (maybe a tail light body as well if my memory serves me) if you need spares or alternatives,
Ross (in Auckland)
Originally Posted by rossnzwpi View Post
Oh, and the same guy has two pairs of complete Stars brand replica Lancia 037/Ford GT40 tail lights - new old stock.
Thanks Ross, really appreciate this. Already have the Lancia light assy's, they came over from the UK when I got the kit. They are the top and bottom lights with the reflector centre strip I will try and get them on and photographed sometime soon once I have made some progress with the back.
Spent the day at the Brit and Euro Car show, awesome to see 1071 cars registered this year, has grown from 250 cars 2 years ago and 650 cars last year. Sun was shining and some awesome examples. My classic favourite was the Aston DB 2/4 in a stunning gun metal metallic. Modern favourite was probably the Alpine. Very big fan of the original A110 and for a modern homage it is a very nice car up close.

Anyway it all spurned me on this afternoon and fitted the washer jets - Need to get inline valve and joiners/clamps to finish underneath, have fitted with tube extensions from the original BMW tubing and clamps. Fiddly to enlarge the lower skin surface and have enough clearance to get the nut and washer on, but a bit of tape/grease and perseverance and it wasn't too difficult. The BMW clamps helped as I could get them to snap on with long nose pliers
Here's the top view.

Washer Jets 2

Washer Jets 1
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