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Wheel Arch Lip & New Top Line

So, this weekend gone I managed to get some time to work on the car.

I cut out a new rear wheel arch lip from 12mm MDF, I then welded 80mm supports all round the existing arch to get the new wide arch projection. I'll be gluing the mdf to the metal support.

Once that was done I decided to see how the lines of the new car would be by putting masking tape from the arch lip to the new top line I made a few weeks back.

It looked shit lol

The angle sloping up was all wrong and the line once it got there was terrible. So I had to take the decision to get rid of the top line and create a new one.

So I cut it off and then did the same tape experiment going to the original body. Well it wasn't far too where I wanted it, just needed to be an inch further out. So following the existing car lines I extended out by an inch. This left me with this line

Much better, once shaped with a slight curve it will look spot on how I have designed it.

Next job is to remove the rear bumper and roll over protection then I can continue with shaping the rest of the new body.

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