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Wow can’t believe it’s nearly 8 months since I’ve posted an update. A garden project then decorating around the house took over for much of July - October then I managed to get a few jobs done on the car before starting again proper mid January.

Progress since last time has been to bolt the rear clam in with brackets that bolt to the support frame and bonded to the clam - also supporting in the roof area. I decided to go this route first then will come back and hinge the clam once I’ve got it roadworthy again. The rear screen has been fitted with dzus fasteners for easy removal and I’m just finishing off the petrol cap - hole cut out and insert fitted from MR2 but have been struggling to work out how to extend the filler tube. Retro200 suggested I just reposition the existing pipe by swivelling it on the flexi pipe and then bracketing it. Any other suggestions?

I also made up the grilles for the rear of the clam which you can seem some of in the picture above. These are attached right now using small black cable ties through holes drilled but may use black plastic fasteners to make them a bit more secure.

I also decided to change the front edge of the roof panel where it meets the windscreen top to give a squarer edge closer to the original RS200. To fill the corners where the hard top panel now shows through I’ve built up with GRP and used a sunstrip applied to a magnetic sheet used to apply removal signs to vans/cars. To complete the effect I’ve used a Sierra MK1 windscreen rubber - see what you think from the pics here but I prefer the look to the original kit where the roof panel flows down to meet the MR2 screen.....



Final update to report is that both headlamps are now fitted. I played about with using different lamps to the Golf MK2 items as I wanted to mount these behind the cowl (remember I’ve used the cowls from the other RS200 kit available). In the end I’ve bonded a couple of brackets around the edge of the cowl and cut back the Golf plate so these bolt from the inside. The cowls still needed to be bonded to the bonnet but you see the effect here...

Will try to keep the updates coming more frequently now things are moving forward again.

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