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Badrep - here’s a couple of additional pictures showing how I marked out the new roof line and built up the sunstrip. I based the roof line as close as I could to the original RS200 (see fourth picture here) but you are left with a couple of gaps in each corner of the roof panel where it no longer flows down to meet the hard top/MR2 windscreen upper rail. For these I made up a couple of rubber fill pieces that I then used to create GRP pieces out of which I bonded to the inside/trailing edge of the roof panel. I should say I had already cut my roof panel away from the rear clam and my pillars were also separate as I had the kit delivered. That in itself made this a lot easier.




The sunstrip being magnetic just about holds on to the edge of the screen/hardtop and I had intended to leave it this way so I could remove it later as/when the screen needs replacing. I think I may ended up glueing it down as not convinced it won’t flap at speeds over 70!

Nostromo - thanks for the feedback on the screen. I was pleased with the effect and the windscreen rubber whilst only for show (and glued on!) makes a real difference as well. I’m holding fire from hinging my clam right now but have all the hinges/brackets and support work - would rather get all the other jobs completed and it back on the road first, hence I’m bolting the clam in as a first step but making everything like wiring, fuel flap/release such that it can hinge later. As for keeping it clean ... I’ve yet to do any real sanding/prep work on the panels which may explain, but I must admit the old garage dyson comes out after any drilling/cutting of the panels and I’m fortunate enough to be able to work on the car in the garage most of the time .

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