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JayPorters car seems to be attracting a lot of attention (must be all of the shill bidding? <- JOKE! )

There seem to be a few interested bidders and hopefully as I've listed my car for what i want for it, that should make the bidders of Jay's realise what a bargain they are getting and bid more? (Fingers crossed for you matey!)

With that in mind, i have finally relented as i never felt totally comfortable with my original advert text. Yes, i know the theory and how to market these cars has been discussed on here at length, but that advert simply wasn't me and so i have reworded mine to an ad i am now comfortable with.

I accept that others may have stuck it out and done it differently, and i totally respect you for that, and whether this affects me positively or negatively i don't know, i just know that i am happier having conversations with people based on what it's listed for now.

Fingers crossed!
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