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Sorry Dave - I hadn't realised yours was up - where is the ad?

I take that back. I have now managed to find it (my eBay search skills as rubbish as usual).

Yep, your pricing seems fair tome for a unique, well built (by hand) specialist niche car. Your build thread shows the attention to detail you put into it, so I wish you well. Sadly, out of my reach, but that doesn't make it the wrong price for your car, as even if I cannot afford it, it doesn't mean I cannot appreciate it.

Sadly, I think the detractors don't understand how much actually gets spent on these cars - donor, parts, paint etc, let alone the man hours. Perhaps if they tried to build one (as I am doing) they would have a more realistic sense of what they are "worth".

All the best - can't wait to see what you build next. Don't forget to announce it here please


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