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Originally Posted by reneanglia View Post
Is your fan turning the right way?
It must be sucking the air tru the radiator,i know you probably checked it but you won't be the first pushing hot air thru the radiator into the cool outer air..............
Also check the water channels in the engine block if there is non dryed up coolant left in the channels as the engine was out of commision for a while.
Hi René, the fan is drawing air from the front, sucking it through the radiator and discharging it into the engine bay. I am using a 12" (300mm) Kenlowe fan which is pretty powerful, there is no mistaking which way the air is moving. I chose to locate the fan behind the radiator to help protect it from the elements when the car is parked, as it will be for longish periods, living so near the sea, everything gets a gentle coating of salty sand in this area (We have to hose down the front door and windows weekly to prevent them looking shabby). It also provides a slightly less 'cluttered' view through the radiator grill.

The engine block and heads were very thoroughly cleaned with a powerful pressure washer before it was re-assembled, I am satisfied the grunge which did exist in the water jacket has all gone.

As I have tried to emphasise, I don't believe I have an engine cooling issue, but I greatly mistrust my existing radiator. Due to it's poor construction it could easily burst at any moment. The header tanks are made from 1.2mm flat brass sheet, folded into a box with no stiffening ribs, the corners are folded and soldered, they rely on the solder to fill gaps, also there are a number of cuts in the lower tube plate which have been soldered up, they have been leaking, add to that, before I got the car the water pump has tried to drill a hole through the centre of the radiator, I have repaired it pretty well but far from perfect. Murphy's law states if it can go wrong, it will and at the worst possible time. Murphy is often right.

From day one I have intended to re-core or replace the radiator, bearing in mind the engine is a Rover 3500 V8, replacement with new is very expensive, the small size of the aperture excludes most commercially available radiators with sufficient capacity, so I am finding myself looking for a bastard solution.

Thanks for your input René, it helps me focus on the issue at hand.
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