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Vintage and Classic Roadster Kit Car Builds For Vintage and Classic era kit cars. Post your build reports, problems and progress here

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Old 10th October 2018, 04:48
Mick O'Malley Mick O'Malley is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2012
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Mick O'Malley is on a distinguished road

Originally Posted by Jaguartvr View Post
I find a 1mm thick cutting disc in an angle grinder is the quickest and easiest way of cutting thicker steel. The 1mm discs cut very quickly but also wear out very quickly so buy in bulk and invest in a quick change angle grinder nut.
I generally use mine for straight cuts, but find the jigsaw's easier for curves.

Yesterday I marked out and cut the second mounting plate which will be on the engine bay side of the bulkhead, creating a metal sandwich.

I then cut the necessary slots in the rear deck and rivetted the two escutcheons in place. The edges of both the slot and the flange needed a little dressing, which I did after taking this.

No. 2 son works on Tuesdays, so I couldn't press on with the pedal box mounting as this will have to be done with the body off. Maybe today?

Regards, Mick
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Old 11th October 2018, 04:53
Mick O'Malley Mick O'Malley is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2012
Posts: 412
Mick O'Malley is on a distinguished road
Thumbs up Radius Arm Mountings

Yesterday's task was to mark the locations of the forward radius arm mountings on the underside of the body. Like the pedal box, they will have substantial 3mm steel sandwich plates to ensure a sturdy mounting. Ever cautious, I decided to check the wheelbase dimension as I've noticed, when pushing the beast in and out of the cave, that the back wheels move a little fore and aft. The book of words gave the dimension as 83" so I fabricated a demon measuring stick with 1¾" wire ovals protruding at the required spacing. The gap was approximately ¼" too great so I used a ratchet strap to pull things into line. I could then support the mounting plate and attached radius arm gently against the underside with the scissor jack and mark its outline. Repeat for other side.

My son wandered down the garden at this stage to ask if I wanted to take the body off but, once again, it was simply too hot to continue so I packed up.

Regards, Mick
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Old Today, 07:00
Mick O'Malley Mick O'Malley is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2012
Posts: 412
Mick O'Malley is on a distinguished road
Default Progress of sorts.

Tuesday and yesterday I applied myself to fitting the beefier M10 Range Rover wheel studs to the front hubs. I'd fitted the more straightforward rear ones some time ago and had been feebly putting off this task.

Starting with the offside one (nearer to the workbench), I clamped the disc in the vice and tried to get a socket over the head of the first of the four bolts securing it to the hub. The shape of the casting prevented a very secure location so I substituted a ring spanner tapped on with a hammer and bashed its end to start things off. After a few goes it was proud enough to get the socket on and gently undo it. This worked fine for another two of the bolts but the fourth stubbornly resisted, even after lots of dismantling fluid and heat. I decided to leave it in soak overnight and try again mañana.

Yesterday morning, no change, even after lots of heat. I bit the bullet and used a 4mm HSS bit and my smallest cold chisel to relieve the offending part of the casting. The last bolt then came away easily. Tapping the hub from the disc and drawing the new studs through their holes with a wheel over it, using the new nuts, was simple, as was re-assembly. The near side hub, although identical as far as I could see, proved simplicity itself, the socket being fine on all four bolts. Weird.

Next job was to run my MGF wheels down to the tyre place, agree on 175 65 15s and leave them there for collection today.

Body removal assistance was was once again unavailable so I decided to paint my pedal box sandwich plates. My new litre of acetone had arrived earlier so a quick degrease and a few passes with a rattle can had this done.. The paint is matt black but the photo' has lied, showing it as grey. More weirdness.

That was it for the day.

Regards, Mick
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