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Marlin 5exi builds Calling all you sexi builders....sorry 5exi builders, show us your progress.

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Old 26th February 2008, 07:04
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Default 1.4 K series Turbo AKA 200 BHP and torque

Hi guys and girls.

Just heard about this forged engine.

Not sure on price. I've asked Drew to post on here with details.

The engine has been modified with forged internals etc.

Would need a different exhaust made up.
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Available from eBay
Old 26th February 2008, 08:45
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Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Basildon, Essex
Posts: 1,793
limpabit is on a distinguished road

Here you go, all the details:

ive been playing around with this for some time now...

Accralite forged pistons

Arrow forged con-rods

DKE forged steel crank

that is an 82mm crank, 133.1mm rods and 22.4mm pistons with 8.5cc dome. works out iro 8.5:1c/r. and 1449cc

had the rods specially made by arrow, they are small journal (ala 1.4) but 1.8 rod length. DKE crank was one they had made before but not on the shelf.

Ported head by scholar engines, Paul Ivey 29.5 inlet, 26mm exhaust valves, Piper double springs, piper Ti caps. std hydraulic lifters, std 1.4 cams, i dont need revs or mega high lift, fitted some new cam seals oiled the cam up and fitted that.
the valves are large for a 1.4 and will just miss the liners. i did trim the top of the liners to make sure they are clear of the inlets.
did have some pics of the head but they seem to have gone from my pc.

all new genuine rover parts fitted in the re-build...

WAM4027BLU - 3x Blue mains, grooved bearings
WAM4026BLU - 6x Blue mains, plain bearings
WAM4026RED - 1x Red main, plain bearing
WAM2492 - 2x Crank thrust washers
LFB10001100 - 6x Blue big end bearings
LFB10001200 - 2x Red big end bearings
LVG100330 - Oil pump gasket
LPF000030 - 75T Oil pump
LKG100551 - 75T Exhaust manifold gasket
LVB500190 - LR Head gasket
LUC100220 - 2x Cam seals
LUC100290 - 2x Cam seals
CDU3558 - Cam belt tensioner
LKJ100820 - VVC Inlet manifold gasket
LKJ100860 - VVC Inlet upper manifold gasket
LVP100630 - Cam cover gasket

High tensile head studs, got them from germany.

cleaned out all my lifters. stripped them down completely, small brush and petrol to clean out all the manky oil. oiled up all the bits, put them back together.

the ported head does have quite large inlet/outlet ports. i took a lot of material out of the std turbo exhaust manifold to make it match the gasket/head port.

inlet is a std vvc manifold. matched the inlet gasket up to that, not so good a fit. ground a few bits to make it match the gasket/head.
also looked at the lower/upper manifold joint. took quite a bit out of both bits of manifold to get those two to match up.

finished building the engine a few months back...

got the engine to the dyno a few weeks ago, got it on there last week..

had to make a new elbow as the original one didnt fit on the dyno too well...

took a quick vid of it on my phone, sound is bad but you get the idea..

is now up for sale!

downpipe and sump are made for a metro but can be changed if your fitting into something else. also the actuator is a very close fit to an R65 box you can use a PG1 but the inlet side will need rotating a little.

with a dta S40, the engine as you see it, running but not fully mapped, set on 15psi actuator pressure, can run more and i have a boost control valve here if you are bored with the 200bhp, 200 lb/ft this throws out!
3k ono.
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