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Marlin 5exi builds Calling all you sexi builders....sorry 5exi builders, show us your progress.

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Old 2nd March 2004, 09:28
tomboysexi tomboysexi is offline
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Location: Romford Essex
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Default Confused, you will be!

When I first ordered my 5exi I wanted clarification on the donor vehicle and was advised that the 'perfect' mate would be a bubble shape 216.

After much deliberation with my son we agreed that we would go for a Turbo machine. Funny I could not find any bubble shape Turbo's for sale.

Mark at Marlin has tried to give me a run down on the various parts that can be taken from 'other' Rovers but I must admit that I am confused as to the 'best' option.

Can anyone advise, clearly, on which is what and from where?

Ex Biker have you any answers?

Regards Tomboysexi
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Available from eBay
Old 2nd March 2004, 17:58
Ex-Biker Ex-Biker is offline
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Ex-Biker is on a distinguished road

I am no expert, but from what I've seen at the moment, the new Rover 200/25 model has many interchangeable parts from the older Rover 200/400 series. That is as long as you have a 'k' series engine. Obviously internal components aren't any different between the Honda and 'k' series cars, but the biggest difference is the engine and gearbow are on opposite sides. As you open the bonnet the 'k' series 'box is on you right (passenger side).

So for much of the stuff you can use the older cars. The biggest differences appear when you try to use a later 400/45, 600 or 800 car.

You will need 200/25 rear hubs. These are unique to this car. Not even the later 400/45 has these.

Another possible problem is the engine mounts. Particularly the drivers side. Mark told me he had fitted the most common mount here. As my engine is from a 400 and has a different mount I have looked at lots of different cars trying to find the mount he has fitted. I think I've seen 4 different types last count, of which the one I have seems by far the most common. I must admit, I don't know if yours will be a problem as the chassis is different for a turbo car.

Check your radiator will fit. My chassis is designed for a 1.6 radiator. I picked up a (I think) diesel one. the mounts are totally different. I guess I need another one!

There might be other issues, but these seem to be the ones I've come across at the moment.

Hope that helps a bit.

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