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document General braking conditions, 4 wheeled vehicles
On a four wheeled vehicle the braking system must be fitted with a dual (split) circuit system with each circuit operating on two wheels (one wheel...
Not rated 22 Feb, 2008 Views: 3109 Comments: 0
document General braking conditions, 3 wheeled vehicles
The braking system must be capable of being operated on all wheels from a single operation from the driver’s position with both hands of the...
Not rated 22 Feb, 2008 Views: 1795 Comments: 0
document Do I need to do anything specific with the brake pedal?
The pedal must have an anti-slip provision, such as rubber pedal cover or pedal itself constructed in such a way as to prevent slippage.
Not rated 22 Feb, 2008 Views: 1756 Comments: 0
document Foot brake operation
When the brake pedal is fully applied it must have sufficient reserve travel   It must not feel spongy   It must not creep down when...
Not rated 22 Feb, 2008 Views: 1702 Comments: 0
document Do I need a brake fluid warning device?
There is some confusion in the SVA guide on this. On one hand it says this;   On all fluid reservoirs, it must be possible without opening the...
rating 22 Feb, 2008 Views: 5172 Comments: 0
document Do I need a warning light for the handbrake?
No, although it is quite common to wire up the handbrake to the brake warning light it’s not necessary for SVA.
Not rated 22 Feb, 2008 Views: 1804 Comments: 1
document Do the brakes need to self adjust?
On 4 wheeled vehicles the front wheels need to incorporate a self adjusting mechanism to take up brake pad wear. This usually isn’t a problem...
Not rated 22 Feb, 2008 Views: 1940 Comments: 0
document Hand brake operation
As well as actually working properly (ie holding the car sufficiently) the handbrake operation must show that no part is being fouled or is fouling...
Not rated 22 Feb, 2008 Views: 1976 Comments: 0
document Normal brake operation ? failure points
Failure points   A low braking effort is recorded from the parking brake on any wheel, indicating clearly that the brake is not functioning...
Not rated 27 Feb, 2008 Views: 2342 Comments: 0


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