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document Does my exhaust need a silencer?
Yes. The SVA test requires that the exhaust system is fitted with an exhaust silencer.
Not rated 05 Mar, 2008 Views: 2077 Comments: 0
document What is the noise (decibel) limit for the exhaust?
The exhaust must record a decibel level of or below 101 db(A).   This level will be recorded at the level of the exhaust or 200mm from ground...
Not rated 12 Mar, 2008 Views: 2464 Comments: 0
document What determines the emissions level my engine has to meet?
It is based on the effective date of registration of your donor vehicles engine and then taken back to the 1st of January of that year. It is...
Not rated 12 Mar, 2008 Views: 2824 Comments: 0
document Emission levels that your kit car must meet (Petrol Engines)
Petrol engines   Based on effective date of registration for your engine. In all cases we are assuming that the manufactured date of your...
Not rated 12 Mar, 2008 Views: 4861 Comments: 0
document Do I need to fit my kit car with a catalytic converter?
As a general rule, if your donor car was fitted with a catalytic converter and the effective date of registration (engine date) is after 1st of...
rating 12 Mar, 2008 Views: 3569 Comments: 0


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