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CSM - Chopped Strand Matt. Strands of chopped glass fibres (1 to 2 inches) laid out in a random pattern to form sheets of flass fibre matting. Can be of various thicknesses (and thus weight) and is sold as small sheets or on the roll.
Enhanced Single Vehicle Approval
Glass Re-inforced Polyester. Often referred to as Glass Re-inforced Plastic or Fibreglass (Fiberglass - USA). Used in Kit Car construction to create the bodywork. layers of sheet glass fibre are laid in a mold and wetted and shaped using resin and a curing agent. The result once set hard is the bodywork panel in the case of kit cars
Individual Vehicle Assessment. Currently the name given to the replacement SVA test due to come into force Spring 2009.
Minister's Approval Certificate. A certificate given to you by the SVA examiner once your car has passed the SVA test. You will need this certificate to then register and license your kit car with the DVLA.
SVA (Single Vehicle Approval). A vehicle examination carried out on your newly constructed kit car by government agency VOSA. The test needs to be passed before it can be registered for legal road use. The main purpose of the scheme is to ensure that your kit car has been designed and constructed to modern safety and environmental standards before it is used on public roads. See the SVA section of the knowledge base for more information.
SVA1 is the form you need to complete to submit your kit car for an SVA test
Vehicle and Operator Services Agency. An executive agency of the Department of Transport which carries out the SVA examinations for our kit cars.


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