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UPDATE - Tribute GT launched at Stoneleigh kit car show 2011
Posted by Madabout News on Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 at 11:58 PM

If you've hankered for a bit of the elite GT coupe market but didn't fancy the elite price tag then newcomers Tribute Automotive might have come up with the answer with their new Tribute GT Coupe body conversion. Clearly inspired by a certain VW owned (booo) badge but also a unique design at the same time, the Tribute GT Coupe has Japanese underpinnings in the form of a Toyota Supra.

The popular trend at the moment is body conversions to get round the strict and expensive IVA test. Makes sense as there are a lot of people out there not wanting to embark on a full ground up kit build and then spend 500 or more getting it through a test.

Most body conversions to date have centered around the MR2/MX5 bodykit, tribute have gone their own way and used the Toyota Supra for their base vehicle. Makes sense for the size of the end vehicle and you can get some juicy lumps under the bonnet with twin turbos. The car should shift as well as look imposing on the road.

Tribute Automotive GT Coupe body conversion inspired by Bentley Continental GT
Newcomer Tribute Automotive enter the fray with their GT Coupe based on a Toyota Supra

Tribute Automotive GT Coupe body conversion rear end treatment
GT Coupe has a unique appearance but is clearly inspired by some rather expensive machinary

Tribute say the body mods don't require any bodyshell cutting, only some trimming on the bonnet and bootlid. Kit packages come in at 3295 and Tribute reckon a home built conversion could be done for as little as 6k.

Full information can be found on the Tribute Automotive website

And if you want to follow the development progress of this unique body conversion then hop over to our forum which details the progress of the Tribute GT from donor mock up to display at Stoneleigh kit car show 2011.

Tribute GT Forum Thread on Madabout

** UPDATE **

Sadly Bentley have flexed their muscles and put a halt to this particular project.

Some words from Tribute boss Chris Welch

"On the opening morning of the Newark show I received a letter from Bentley Motors Limited solicitor requesting the immediate halt to production of the Tribute GT. I have had to comply with their requests, as you can imagine a company of their size can be quite persuasive."

"So, unfortunately I cannot now offer the kit for sale, sorry to all the people who showed some very genuine interest. The demo car is currently under going some changes to lights and bodywork to alter it's appearance, before being sold in the next few weeks."

"The whole experience should have put me off the whole kit car thing, but it hasn't. The Tribute website will be up and running again shortly with updates/details of another project car. I will start a new thread when I have something to show everyone."

Chris Welch
Tribute Automotive

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