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craig 28th October 2007 21:53

What sort of gaps have people seen between their windscreen and the roll cage??

I have one about 8 inch long offside top that is 1/2 inch :mmph:

Seems excessive


Ex-Biker 29th October 2007 10:34

No comment!

SDMC001 29th October 2007 13:24


It fits where it touches, I suggest you buy an extra tube of sealer. You may find grinding a bit out of the dash where the window sits, or on the other hand you may need a spacer.

Best of luck.


alackofspeed 29th October 2007 16:07


Found my screen didn't come anywhere close to fitting at first - the gap between the screen and the top of the roll cage was simply laughable, and like yours, worse on the offside.

In the end I couldn't see any way of getting my screen to fit without altering the channel for the screen, and I also found raising the front edge of the dash by about 10mm very beneficial.

The fit of my screen is now pretty good, and the fit between the dash and front panel is just about okay.

I did at first think my approach of lifting the front edge was a bit unorthodox, but looking through the archives of this forum I noted some of the early builders did a similar thing.

For reference, I found ebay the cheapest source of proper windscreen bonding adhesive.

Ex-Biker 9th November 2007 12:22

I guess this is the sort of thing you have?

Alackofspeed - mmmm like the silver roll cage. Did you paint it?

alackofspeed 9th November 2007 17:44

I got it sprayed professionally, along with the dash front edge.

I started off with HHHUUUUGGGGGEEEEE (10mm) gaps between the screen and the other surfaces, and it took quite a bit of fettling (bodging and patience) to get the screen to fit acceptably.

It's still not perfect, but the capping should hide the imperfections.

Noj 8th February 2019 14:53

Sorry to raise an old thread from the depths of time!

I'm having the same issues with my windscreen, it fits the chanel on the dash fine, but then its just the two top corners that touch the chassis.

I've got about a 6mm gap all along the top and an increasing gap going down the side which tops at 15mm at the bottom on either side.

I'd say it looks like the whole bottom of the screen needs to be pushed itnto the car a bit, but the dash won't slide any more into the car due to lips on the very front edge.

anyone have any ideas?

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