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Cees Bakker 26th July 2018 18:14

New engine vent
2 holes
3 holes
2 ovals
or buying the expensive air scoop

Noj 31st July 2018 13:53

Have you thought about doing something similar to the MR2 mkiii engine cover? with the horizontal slats?

Cees Bakker 31st July 2018 18:33

Made a few months back a dummy with louvres, but It was not the result what I wanted to achieve. So this are new dummy's.
I like the airscoop where I can place my airbox for cold air intake

Noj 1st August 2018 07:47

You wouldn’t happen to have any pictures would you?

I was thinking of doing something like that with mine.
Or maybe you could do something like two half ovals, with a few inches in between?

Whilst I like the idea of the air scoop, you would need to be careful it settled nicely between the current vents

Cees Bakker 1st August 2018 10:38

The model I saw, fits nearly exact on the opening of the engine vent 60 cm long 34 cm wide and 50 cm high . Do the opening is above the rollbar

Cees Bakker 12th August 2018 17:35

almost finished

EXI Turbo 3rd September 2018 14:56

1 Attachment(s)
I had to add extra vents in the side of the two humps to get rid heat generated by the turbo. Before I installed them, the hot air being blown on my neck was extremely uncomfortable on long journeys in the summer.

Just returned from the South of France and they worked a treat,even on the motorways at 130+ kph for hours on end. Now just need to make it a little quieter !

Cees Bakker 4th September 2018 07:18

Picture please of the extra vents. I had the same problem with the front vents of the humps. I closed them so no more heat in my neck

EXI Turbo 4th September 2018 07:32

sorry I thought I attached a jpeg. Obviously did not work although it looks ok from my end.

Can anyone let me know how to stick a photo up as it wont let me paste.



Noj 5th September 2018 08:04

Hi Nick,

I can see your photo of the vents :) its come up as an attachment below your post.
What engine/Turbo are you running?

Hi Cees, I'm really excited to see your vents finished, they look great! the 2 ovals was definitely a good choice

EXI Turbo 5th September 2018 09:26

I have a standard Rover 2ltr Turbo engine. If the handling was better I would like to up the performance but at present I wouldn't feel safer going any faster.

Although saying that fully loaded up with camping gear and my wife in, it did seem more stable on the road, perhaps the springs are too stiff for general driving?

Cees Bakker 5th September 2018 18:01

I can't see the attechment on my phone. When I'am back from holiday in Devon I'll try it at home om my computer

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