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Viatron 3rd December 2014 13:25

Towed, you didn't need to read the whole site!! up all night with nothing to do?

The actual fake mil spec connectors are here:

As to the aftermarket vs oe ecu debate well some people want more out of the engine than the standard ecu will allow, some ecu's are a pain in the arse to transplant without all the additional security and comfort module, and in my case im running a non standard fuelling setup with a hotter cam , slightly bigger valves and slightly higher compression, to get a dizzy to handle that lot could probably be done but it will be much easier using the Nodiz I have fitted as it can be pretty much infinitely adjusted timing wise. Oh and if your really bored on shift tonight :-)


Mister Towed 3rd December 2014 19:22

Thanks Mac, not at work at the mo but will be up half the night (again) with toothache so will be glad of something to read. :(

Viatron 3rd December 2014 19:44

Today was a bit like the Curates egg, good in parts....

Cracked on with the steering only to find that when I had welded on the spline to the end of the shortened steering shaft the heat had tweaked it a bit and it was running about 1mm out of true, doesn't sound much but it was very noticeable in that the bearing kept binding up. Nothing for it but to fix it. Cut the old spline off , luckily I had a spare. to make sure it was as true as possible I cam up with this:

the ali angle is about 4mm thick so good and hefty, also checked it with a steel ruler and it was dead straight. Just kept trying drill bits until I found a matching pair that just slid in nicely, tacked it, repeated at 90 degrees tacked again. Then welded it in opposing spots until I had gone all the way round. Will pick up some 3mm roll pins in the am as with all steering stuff I like to have a a mechanical fastening as well as a weld, not that I don't trust my welding but better safe than sorry.

Taking a step backwards to before this hiccup in events I made the bearing carrier for the front bulkhead. I needed the bearing to actually be 10mm away from the bulhead for everything to go to plan so a quick visit last night on the way home to a mate who run an Ali and Stainless fabrication business bagged me a piece of Ali 5mm plate from the scrap bin for the sum total of a kind word!

With steering shaft now straight and the bearing mount finished I got it all in and am pleased to report that I now have steering!

The welding at the top of the shaft is a bit ropey but now all the lengths are set ill take it all apart in the morning anyway to fit the roll pins and will grind it back and re-weld, at the same time ill countersink the holes in the bearing carrier.

Got home and some good stuff has arrived, the last of the bulkhead fitted items:
Good heavy electro polished stainless mesh for the grill from here not cheap at about 75 a sheet delivered but I needed a full sheet to do it in one piece. I'm probably going to have some good sized offcuts if anyone is interested?
Also my new header tank, decided the vertical one just didn't quite fit as I wanted so have swapped to the horizontal model which will fill the centre of the bulkhead nicely.

Also the filter regulator for the fuel system. I'm absolutely sure that I already have one but after turning the unit upside down 3 times I couldn't find it and cant wait until it turns up so there may be a bargain to be had when the original makes an appearance!

To be honest I have run Webers before without a filter regulator using just an inline plastic filter (as long as your using a carb specific pump) but couldn't find anywhere to put a plastic filter and it just didn't seem right and the filter king looks period correct, or that's how I sold myself the idea anyway!
So brakes tomorrow!


Viatron 4th December 2014 08:31

Just realized I forgot to post a pic of the mesh:

davecymru 4th December 2014 08:49

That looks like the same mesh I've got for my side vents, it's very nice. Although i wish I'd waited until i heard you mention "offcuts"! :)

I'm glad you got your steering sorted as i was dreading welding mine so i went with a slightly different approach and this reminds me that i need to post some pics of that at some point :)

keep up the good work :)

Viatron 4th December 2014 12:26

Master Cylinder Reservoirs all piped up, I was going to change the hoses that came with them as they were way to long but by a happy accident I actually think that putting a loop in them adds to the aesthetic (ooh err get her!)

The rubbers have arrived for the bottom radiator mounts needed the lip removing on one side, 2 minute job

And fitted to the Rad:

And the parade of the shiny stuff continues!

Also popped into my local fastener supplier this morning and picked up a mixed bag of 100 stainless domed nuts for 5!

Retro fitted some to the battery cover with high strength thread lock

And used them when fitting the header tank, again with threadlock

Just going to strip the steering out now and tidy up and re weld then fit roll pins and paint before refitting for hopefully the last time!


Scottie22 4th December 2014 16:08

It all looks really good quality stuff Mac, enough to make me ashamed to look under my bonnet!!

Viatron 4th December 2014 16:20

Scottie its all far too good bearing in mind that as soon as its finished it'll be sold but for reasons discussed earlier in my build thread I started off to make a no expense spared car I'm so far down that route now that I'm loath to go cheap and spoil the end result, I'm sure I wouldn't feel so philosophical if I actually sat down with the bank statement and a calculator!

Viatron 4th December 2014 16:31

So nearly done for the day. No pics but had a worrying wobble at the wheel, solved removing the cowling and drifting in a spare column bush I luckily had right at the top of the outer tube. its all back together now though and I'm glad I did it as there is no movement in the column at all now. Don't know why its suddenly appeared but I think that with all the in and out of the inner shaft whilst sorting the steering linkage I have somehow moved the one at the top down just enough to introduce some slack. The one I have just put in isn't going anywhere as I have used PU adhesive.

Cleaned up and re-welded the steering shaft then cross pinned it with 3mm roll pins:

Made a bottom hose out of some blue silicon I already had lying around, not to everyone's taste I'm sure but its close ish to the body colour and matches the plug leads. Its a 90 and a piece of straight joined using a piece of tight fitting Ali tube and some more PU adhesive.

More in a minute

Viatron 4th December 2014 16:46

To save me removing the state cover does anyone know which of these 2 ports is which?

Fuel pipe that was temporarily going straight to the carb is now routed with stainless rubber lined P-Clips and attached to the Filter Regulator.

Small port on the Header tank is now hooked up to the rad and the wires from the fake mil spec are now covered in the fake braiding that arrived today

Wiring is run and p-clipped as far as the front bumper, and before anyone asks its not rust on the chassis the bloody thing is fully galvanised! its just a built of fibreglass and bodywork dust first job when she's running steering and braking will be a trip to the jet was round the corner!

Lighting loom routed through the tower and p-clipped safely out of the way of the steering rack.

Lighting loom stopped for now as I have run out off the stainless rubber lined P-Clips so have had to order some on a next day delivery grrrrrrr shipping was almost as much as the clips!


Paul L 4th December 2014 19:42

Mac - Here is a photo of how my donor was set up.

Hope that helps, Paul. :)

Everything is looking very good. :cool:

Viatron 4th December 2014 20:00

Spot on, ill be blocking of the left hand port then :-)

Just before I left I remembered that in the recent workshop clearance I found a brand new vintage cut-off switch so I have mounted it next to the battery as an additional security feature, even nicer it still had the original label on!


Viatron 5th December 2014 18:58

Final assembly of the steering after a like of paint, quite exhausting so took a nap:

But woke up just in time to put the steering wheel back in :-)

Getting to the final linkage....

brake lines run

All plumbed up and steering in for the last time:

Good news is that by the days end we have final fit of steering...tick
Brakes both front and rear...tick

Then remembered I had forgotten to order some stainless braided hose ends for the clutch...bugger no driving around the car park...arse!


Mister Towed 5th December 2014 19:17

Are you still upside down in the cockpit, stuck under the steering wheel?

micky1mo 5th December 2014 19:44


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 61835)
Are you still upside down in the cockpit, stuck under the steering wheel?

Naa, he phoned me about 1/2 an hour ago so he must have got out :happy:

BazMason 5th December 2014 21:03

I think this will be the highest spec Sammio/Ribble ever! - complete with waffle maker ;-)

Joking aside it is looking fantastic - no chance of shipping it out to Sri Lanka with you?

Viatron 6th December 2014 12:20

Thank for the complement, I hope your right! there's no way its going to SL as import duty would be 100% !!
Its up for sale, sure you couldn't be tempted :-)


Viatron 6th December 2014 12:42

And on that note lets have some feedback on Values...
I know what I would like for it but am also aware that with the recent history, Sammio (Crap Quality) Ribble (bust and lots of broken promises) the value are bound to be a bit variable. From what I can gather turn keys from Ribble were crossing to the continent for between 8k and 14k but most ended up getting a partial refund or had to be returned for reworking.
I know what it owes me and its a fair chunk but that said if I knew I was going to sell I would never have built it to the standard I have so am expecting to probably end up out of pocket, and if I included labour ...... wel lets not go there! Guess someone is going to benefit when its sold and im guessing it will be the buyer not me!

So come on gents what would you value it at from what you have seen so far?
Just a reminder of what the buyer will be getting:

Practically rust free MKIII Spitfire chassis that has been blasted, hot dip galvanised and epoxy primered and top coated.
Original triumph 1300 engine but totally rebuilt by Bradbury Engineering, a known triumph specialist. New pistons, fast road came, all new bearings, new oil pump. Brand new Old Stock Triumph 1500 head for the slightly larger valves. Bottom end has been dynamically balanced. Running a brand new Weber DCOE45 with Weber supplied new manifold.
Manifold back stainless sports twin box exhaust.
All new Spax adjustable shocks.
All braking components are new including callipers. Rear is running Alifin Drums.
Nodiz Pro electronic ignition.
Swing spring conversion with 1" lowering block.
Reconditioned Gearbox and Diff, done by Roger Bayliss transmissions who have done my race gearboxes for the last 10years.
Recon rear driveshaft's.
All new trunnions bushes and suspension bolts.
New steering rack.
Uprated larger front ARB
Lots of new engine bay goodies.
Custom New gauges imported from the US.
Brand new lighting all round.
Bed linered interior.
2k urethane paint in French Blue
Soon to be sporting a dark blue leather interior.
New vintage look 3 point harnesses.
Brand new pair of brooklands screens.
Brand new Langys 12 circuit wiring loom.
New floor mounted pedal box.
Soon to be sporting a new Ali rocker cover panted to match the body.
Brand new 14" 4.5 X14 Wire wheels with brand new tyres all round.
Very nice brand new Ali and wood steering wheel.
All column switch gear has been replaced with new.
New Dynamotor Alternator inside a dynamo casing
Brand New high torque starter motor.
And loads more.

Come on then what do you think
1. I should ask realistically
2. What you would like to think its worth?


Viatron 6th December 2014 12:43

Thanks for your concern Towed I did get out although I wont pretend it was graceful!



Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 61835)
Are you still upside down in the cockpit, stuck under the steering wheel?

Paul L 6th December 2014 15:00

Mac - Love the photos with your feet hanging out. :icon_smile:

As for the price, unfortunately I have no idea. :rolleyes:

I think most people would agree this is a top end build by someone who know what they are doing. :cool:

I think you would need to sell it in Europe to get the vast sums the red Milgia Speedster went for.

There are only a few Cordite/Navigators actually on the road, so maybe the Spitfire donor is worth more than a Herald one?

Obviously I would like to see your car set a nice, high bench mark, as mine will clearly be worth less than yours! :icon_wink:

So if you are prepared to wait for a sale, then stick a high price on it and see what happens.

Or maybe take it to a show / event when the warm sunshine has returned.
( Can't remember when you are planning to head overseas. )

Good luck, Paul. :)

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