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Paul L 1st May 2015 08:47

Mac - Great job on the gearbox cover. :cool:

Obviously the next thing I will be looking closely at is the small "bridge" section that joins/seals the cover to the hand brake panel.

Good luck, Paul. :)

Scottie22 1st May 2015 19:56

Just seen your finished gearbox cover mac! I really like that, it looks the part, very smart.

That gearbox cover they sent you was not a GT6, as they are identical to the Spit. I've never seen one like you had sent, but you've certainly got round that one in a good way

swifty 3rd May 2015 10:49

Gearbox tunnel looks great Mac, adding the extra colour will change the look of the interior for the better.

phil9 3rd May 2015 13:52

gt6 gearbox cover start/ motor on right .... car's looking great mac

Viatron 4th May 2015 13:09

Cheers Phil, whatever it is it fits and looks ok.

Just finished a few more jobs before putting the seats in.
1. Moved the fuse box as it was hanging down too far.
2. Cut an access hole in the dash to allow access to the fuse box
3. Touched up the bed liner in the foot wells.
4. Made a bracket to mount the fog lamp on the rear. its in primer just drying in the sunshine outside and will get a few coats of body colour in a minute.
5. Decided I didn't want to leave the rear of the seats in bare fibreglass so have just stone shipped the back of the first one.
6. Final fixed the runners to the drivers seats and cleaned and greased them. Had to modify the operating hand quite a bit as they are a lot closer together than they are designed to be.


Seat before and after stone chip.

Think it looks much more "finished" now. Daft really as you will very rarely see the backs!

Pics of the runners on the drivers seat. you can see the other operating handle on the floor which give an idea of how much it had to be narrowed.

Fog lamp bracket, just about ready for top coat.

That's it for now, more a bit later hopefully!


Viatron 4th May 2015 17:23

And here it is a Ribble Navigator in its natural environment!

And for the doubters I'll public the most rubbish first drive video ever taken when i get home to prove I didn't push it out there!

Viatron 4th May 2015 19:48

Well i wasnt joking definately the worst ever first drive video ever recorded! But it was genuinely the first drive!


reneanglia 4th May 2015 20:04

Nice,car looks good:music:
You've put stone chip on the back of the seats,does'nt this get soft and sticky in the sun?
And you were right,very bad video of a steering wheel..............

Paul L 4th May 2015 20:20

Mac - Congratulations on your first drive, the paint looks great in natural light. :cool:

It might be the angle of the photos, but your twin tail pipe look lower than mine and seem to stick out further too.
( Don't get me wrong, I think they look good. )

What is the tape on the passenger side for?

Looking forward to seeing all the last finishing touches in place.

Good luck, Paul. :)

Viatron 4th May 2015 20:52

Rene, Thanks. The stone chip is fine its not like underseal and dries with a hard finish. Its had a coat of gloss black on top as well just to make it look a little nicer.

The exhausts are definitely low! I may revisit them at some stage but there staying there for now. The paint does look better in daylight. The tape is an idea i was working on as i found a couple of paint blemishes on one side that i will have to touch in or the other possibility was to turn it into a two tone paint job by doing the taped out are in something like a cream colour.....havent decided.


Thurcroft flyer 4th May 2015 21:51

great looking car looks really well.will look spot on when fully finished, not long now until the wide open road.

Scottie22 5th May 2015 08:57

Well done Mac, the car look terrific!

jones 5th May 2015 08:59

I have to agree with everyone, great looking car! I loved the video too, proof is proof no matter how wobbly:high5:

Viatron 5th May 2015 19:26

Failed the MOT today but no biggy, only failed on brake balance and as its fitted with a brake bias adjustable pedal box i just need to fit the remote adjustment cable then i can adjust the bias on the rollers to what it should be.

Some pics after the drive to the MoT station and back

Few more tidying jobs to do but pretty much done.


8 Valve Ed 5th May 2015 19:43

Wot, no video? :popcorn:

PS, it will cost you another tenner if you ever take it on a ferry, just for the exhausts!!!

micky1mo 5th May 2015 20:05

Just watched the video.
Very well done, the car looks and sound stunning.:rockon:

Your only problem is what to do with your spare time now it's completed. :laugh:

davecymru 5th May 2015 20:30

Very nice that man! fingers crossed for a quick re-test and then out-n-about for summer! :)

Mister Towed 5th May 2015 21:21

Good luck with the retest, car looks the biz. :)

swifty 5th May 2015 21:51

That's a great looking car Mac, well done but what's the next project.

How did it drive on the road?

How's does the suspension perform?

Mister Towed 6th May 2015 07:20


Originally Posted by Viatron (Post 66545)
Well i wasnt joking definately the worst ever first drive video ever recorded! But it was genuinely the first drive!


Just got round to watching this - it really made me smile. :)

Well done, your car looks terrific.

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