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Viatron 27th April 2012 20:12

New Ribble navigator Build, with a twist....
Just thought i would introduce myself, after pestering Gary to death over the last couple of weeks i have bought a spitfire 1500 donor with overdrive today and will be placing my order with Gary monday morning for a comprehensive Cordite kit including deluxe fram and double hump rear, and....... a German style front end.
Plan is to carry out a chassis up rebuild with full refurb of all running gear. hoping for a quickish build but as its going to run paralell to my Tiger GTA Race car rebuild and finishing of my Peugeot 205 GTi restoration it may drag on a bit!

One question i have is ref the triumph running gear, is the 1500 unleaded friendly? if not has anyone got any recommendation for who carries out unleaded head conversions?


Viatron 27th April 2012 20:14

Oh and just as aside the colour is going to be a gunmetal silver with blue leather interior, if anyone needs leather hides for their interiro i may be able to help as the upholstere in the unit next to mine is shutting shop and is currently selling complete hides in a dizzying array of colours for 45 a piece, i have 2 matching one for mine but i reckon if you were only doing seats and side panels you may get away with 1.

AndyP57 27th April 2012 20:21

Welcome aboard Mac. I'm sure I speak for all when I say we're all looking forward to following your build. Where in the country are you based? Cheers. Andy

Viatron 27th April 2012 20:29

Shropshire just south of shrewsbury but the workshop is near Market Drayton

Mister Towed 27th April 2012 20:32

Hi Mac, welcome to the Sammio experience. :)

I'd definitely be interested in a couple of hides in dark red at that price, like Andy says, where abouts are you as I'd love to take a look through their stock.

Oops, just seen your post above. Probably a bit far to come for a browse...

tlrtone 27th April 2012 20:49

Hello and welcome Mac. :welcome:

The rule is lots of pictures :biggrin:

We accept anything, from tatty donor vehicle pics :eusa_clap: to pics of bad eye infections :sick: and engraved gearknobs :ohwell:

Mister Towed 27th April 2012 21:12


Originally Posted by tlrtone (Post 29968)
Hello and welcome Mac. :welcome:

The rule is lots of pictures :biggrin:

We accept anything, from tatty donor vehicle pics :eusa_clap: to pics of bad eye infections :sick: and engraved gearknobs :ohwell:

But preferably no knob infections...

Viatron 27th April 2012 21:16

unfortunately the only colour he doesnt have a good matching pair of is red! that was my first choice but single reds from bright through to oxblood no problem.
First pics will be the donor im picking up after the bank holiday.

Pics of current projects available here:

Viatron 27th April 2012 21:17

ahhhhhhh knob jokes, the staple of any half decent automotive forum....

Roadster 28th April 2012 08:17

Hi and welcome to the madhouse.

Are you going with a standard german bonnet or is it going to be modifield to take 7"lamps behind covers? There has been some talk of the conversion.

I look forward to following your progress

AndyP57 28th April 2012 08:28

Mac, I've taken the liberty of adding you to the Sammio map. It's good to see the void between the Southern builders and us up in the North getting bridged :biggrin:

Mister Towed 28th April 2012 09:05


Originally Posted by AndyP57 (Post 29990)
Mac, I've taken the liberty of adding you to the Sammio map. It's good to see the void between the Southern builders and us up in the North getting bridged :biggrin:

Hey, what about us over in the mystic East?

lancelot link 28th April 2012 15:28

Welcome found us then !

I really appreciate this forum and the fact I can steer customers here ..its an incredibly valuable tool in the selling of the kit and the positiveness of its users is phenomonal....

The 7'' headlight conversion is only at the ''this would look cool stage'' it'll be good old VW/Porsche units for this one....

I would guess that looking at the colour choice , your leanings are very German anyway !!

If those trimmers have some canvas/natural/browny sorts of colours - I would definitely be up for a couple of skins...

The 1958 Rocker 28th April 2012 15:35

Hi Mac,
Hi Mac,
welcome to the "not a kit car club". You will no doubt have realised already that most people on here are somewhat mental. We have been trying to work out if it's the cars or the banter that does it! Either way welcome and get stuck in,
The Rocker

davecymru 28th April 2012 18:52


Apart from everyone wanting photos of just about everything you get up to (phaaannaaar) the thing you really need to know about us is that this certainly isn't a club as just about all of us have had bad experiences with club-politics at some point or other :frusty:

I think we are all looking forward to seeing a few Cordites under way and seeing what ideas we can 1/2" from each other :)


Straight Sixer 29th April 2012 12:06

Yes yes yes, bring us more ideas to steal! :happy:

Viatron 30th April 2012 13:42

Seat Width
I have my eye on a pair of seats but could do with knowing what the maximum width is that will fit in a cordite, can anyone help? The seats im looking at have a maximum base width of 500mm

Nick59 30th April 2012 15:17

Hi and welcome,

I am still toying with the bench seat not sure if that equates to one cow or two?

Viatron 30th April 2012 15:29

if it is just the seats, bench or not a single hide would do i think

Viatron 1st May 2012 19:03

Picking up donor on Saturday afternoon, stand by for pics....

Viatron 4th May 2012 21:21

And so it begins,

garyh 10th May 2012 17:00

What else have you done, V.
Is it all stripped down yet?:ranger:

Viatron 10th May 2012 17:24

Trailer failure has ment i cant pick it up until tuesday but have 3 days off the end of next week so with the help of my mate "Railway Dave" were hoping to have it stripped to a bare rolling chassis by next weekend. Unfortuantley i have still got the rebuild of the race car running alongside so will be splitting time between the 2 but being self employes means i can take time off when i want so hoping to make good progress in the next 3 weeks, just went to the body shop today to see the race chassis in paint
Race Chassis

garyh 11th May 2012 13:51

V, what is the chassis... stock car or dragster?

Viatron 20th May 2012 14:22

Chassis in the background is our tiger gta race car

Bad news on the donor, turns out the diff is seized so deposit has been returned and a new donor purchased off gum tree in better nick for less money only problem is its it north London! Unfortunately I'm away in Whitley bay on a job until a week next Thursday so progress has stalled a bit.
Did manage to pick up an eBay bargain though in the form of a triumph 1500 fwd head assembly, brand new and still in its original packing grease. Told by my triumph guru it's a straight swap for the spitfire one but has larger valves so will breath better.
All acquired an overdrive gearbox as the original donor was a 4 speed, new donor comes with I'd so looks like I'm building up a spares shelf already!

garyh 21st May 2012 16:20

Seems like a better deal, especially if there going to wait for you to pick up. Just Googled Tiger GTA, it seems a similar style? Won't you think one doesn't perform as well as the other one?

Viatron 21st May 2012 21:25

Completley different beasts, the GTA although road legal is an out and out racer, 248 bhp at the flywheel (tested on Scholar racings engine dyno not a rolling road) with a twin plate 5 1/2" clutch thats more akin to a switch and a tranx straight cut box, hence building the cordite, i need something sane i can drive without giving me major back damage and probably ending with me in a ditch!

Mister Towed 22nd May 2012 08:53


Originally Posted by Viatron (Post 30997)
... i need something sane i can drive without giving me major back damage and probably ending with me in a ditch!

Ha ha ha! You're building a Cordite because it's sane you say. Ha ha ha! Nice one. Ha ha ha! Oooh, stop it, my sides are hurting. :biggrin:

Viatron 22nd May 2012 16:01


Viatron 16th June 2012 19:31

Well after 2 false starts i finally picked up my donor today, a complete car less the body but including the required chassis plates and a V5, 2 spare od gearboxes, 4 speed box, 1300FD engine, brand new calipers, 3 diffs, 2 fuel tanks and a brand new generator and boxes and boxes of "Spares" the seller threw in as he is moving next week.
The chassis looks to be totally rot free and has been dropped off at the blasters on the way back so will be clean ready for closer inspection next saturday when i get back from Swansea.
This is what about a spitfire and a half looks like in kit form!

Viatron 25th June 2012 15:40

Finally got the chassis back from the blasters this morning, its in pretty much perfect condition with no...yes read it rot visible anywhere. Have had a good tap around with a hammer and cant find any parts that sound as though they are even thin so very very happy.

oxford1360 25th June 2012 15:45

That's the best news that a blasting can provide.

davecymru 25th June 2012 16:00

Blimey! Superb result!

garyh 25th June 2012 16:21

A thing of beauty.

Viatron 25th June 2012 16:43

and rarity! i was steeling myself for a few days welding but looks like ill be able to plough on with the running gear refurb instead :-)
Even all the brake pipe and wiring capture tangs are all present and correct!
And as a nice onus the chassis number is now even clearer than before and matches the V5 perfectly, i was sure it did but nice to see it clear as day.
Only bit the blaster didint get was behind the 2 fron suspension turrets but 30 minuts with a set of spanners and the grinder with a wire brush and there removed and all cleaned up already.

Mister Towed 25th June 2012 18:48

That's great news, you're one lucky so and so. :)

Paul L 25th June 2012 19:21

I know you had a lot of hassle getting the right donor, but it looks like it was worth the wait. :cool:

Viatron 25th June 2012 20:10

Yes definately fell on a good one and at silly money as well so alls well that ends well, dropping off the 2 diffs and 3 od gearboxes to my transmission man tomorrow for rebuild of 1 of each using the remainders to rob bits off if necessary.
Just starting building the frost DIY build blast cabinet, once thats done it will be full steam ahead with cleaning, painting and refurbing suspension parts.

Viatron 12th January 2013 08:15

Well I'm back again, bit of a false start I seem to have suffered the sammio communication issue so will be re ordering whatever the cordite replacement is called ( yes I know I need to catch up) from Andy on my return from Sri Lanka where I am currently sunning myself till the end of the month. Unfortunately it doesn't look like I will be able to go the German front end option as that's not available from Andy, unless anyone has one knocking around?
So far I have had the diff and gearbox stripped and rebuilt and have completely blasted and etch primed and painted all the suspension parts. All the ball joint, trunnions etc have been renewed and a full polybush set has been fitted. Now I know the front end of the chassis won't need cutting to accomadation the German bonnet other than the usual front bonnet mount ill be getting the chassis off to the galvanisers on my return and then get it in the booth for etch priming and finish painted in black truckcoat. Bearing in mind that all the parts are ready to go I'm hopeful I can get a rolling chassis together in a couple of days once its back from the paint shop.
Engine should be ready on my return, gone for a full rebuild with some tweaks, fast road cam, mild head porting with oversized valves as I managed to pickup a brand new triumph 1500 FWD head off ebay for pennies and apart from being skimmed a bit it will drop straight onto the 1300 FD. I already have a megajolt system so will be doing away with the distributor, I also have a shiney new webber manifold waiting to be fitted along with a webber DCOE45 that I picked up off ebay, it's all stripped just needs reassembly.
I have also managed to pickup a set of triumph wire wheels of gumtree for the princely sum of 200 and they seem to be in v good nick with little or no corrosion so they will be getting blasted and repowdercoated, unfortunately they didn't come with the hub adapters or spinners so will have to buy those new unless anyone has a set they want to move on?
Think that's it for now

Mister Towed 12th January 2013 09:57

Welcome back, Mac. If you've got 13" Spitfire wires then you should be able to get a new set of 'short' hubs, nuts and spinners for a little over 200.

Second hand adaptors would be cheaper, but the splines do wear out with use leaving you with no drive and/or no brakes...

Looking forward to seeing some progress when you get back from Sri Lanka.

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