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ArtWorkZ 30th July 2014 20:21

Yeap that's seriously cool ;)

ArtWorkZ 30th July 2014 20:40

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I've been a bit delayed on my Countach as I was half way through restoring an Aston Martin DB7 to an absolute impeccable std and also building a Celica conv with a genuine Aston DBS volante body

ArtWorkZ 30th July 2014 20:46

Biz time too many projects
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Seriously so much to do prob is I like everything perfect

AcC8braman 31st July 2014 05:09

Wow, looking forward to seeing both cars :)

ArtWorkZ 31st July 2014 16:20

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Yeah ... I'm looking forward to getting all 3 finished ;)

ArtWorkZ 31st July 2014 16:25

Countach bits to do
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At least the Countach is just my finicky bits like panel gaps and final paint finish glad all SVA and Mot done and dusted

ArtWorkZ 31st July 2014 16:31

Even more work to do mucho poundo !
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Including the DB7 which was supposed to be a quick fix but as I said that never happens with my cars somehow and that has been stripped right down to near kit form and custom sills and rear splitter developed special paint on chassis, body and wheels ;) many many !

~dan~ 6th August 2014 16:43

Hope to see you and the car at donny.

ArtWorkZ 6th August 2014 18:01

Yeah hope so Dan
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Just gotta whip off the gearbox whip out the clutch skim and lighten the flywheel and sort out the final bit of the new clutch slave bracket I made hopefully all will be straight forward one thing that troubles me is the current slight vibration that Dave was experiencing so want to cure all that and need to really crack it all this weekend if it doesn't throw it down with rain again! Good news is my Aston is done so this and the Celica DBS can now have some attention

ArtWorkZ 6th August 2014 18:16

This is the benchmark
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You can prob see the std that I work to and the mods that went into this .. Well same now needs to go into the Countach so don't think it's gonna be mint like the Aston for Donny but it looks the most original

~dan~ 6th August 2014 19:42


Originally Posted by ArtWorkZ (Post 58082)
At least the Countach is just my finicky bits like panel gaps and final paint finish glad all SVA and Mot done and dusted

Are you going to black tiger seal /silicon the wheel arches to pick them out or leave them?

ArtWorkZ 6th August 2014 21:37

Prob gonna seperate the arches and front bumper and do it properly also rear wing coming off ! Then get some proper rubber seals

~dan~ 31st August 2014 19:32

Nice to meet you today, look forward to seeing your countach with us at stoneleigh next year.

ArtWorkZ 2nd September 2014 06:40

Hi Dan

Yeah hopefully will get the Countach to the condition that I need hope you enjoyed the weekend some nice stuff now esp Countach ! Check out my Facebook site ArtWorkZ Ltd where I upload the builds of my cars

ArtWorkZ 27th October 2014 12:34

Found out what was wrong with clutch ! The input shaft doesn't reach the flywheel so whipping and since broke the input shaft sleeve and release bearing and since read same prob with some GT40 reps on their site blogs so need input shaft sleeve and a top hat bush any one got these or can make the bush ?

~dan~ 1st November 2014 17:31

Think I've got a titanium bush spare that the input shaft goes into in the flywheel, if that's what you mean. I'll try to dig it out.

ArtWorkZ 2nd November 2014 10:10

Wow Dan that sounds ideal thanks let me know

07463 270638

ArtWorkZ 2nd November 2014 10:12

That's why I dare not risk Donny !

ArtWorkZ 2nd November 2014 10:18

It looks like I also need the renault gearbox input shaft sleeve it's cracked due to the shaft whipping and also trashed the renault release bearing

ArtWorkZ 2nd November 2014 11:51

Nice job !

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