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~dan~ 2nd November 2014 14:58

Struggling to find it but will keep looking. Ring clive at DC is perhaps your best option. Let me know if you need his number mate.

ArtWorkZ 2nd November 2014 18:15

Cheers Dan Think I have his number somewhere although still waiting for him to come back to me re separate arches he said he could get for me

AcC8braman 2nd November 2014 20:57

I may have a whole gearbox for sale soon if that's any help?

ArtWorkZ 3rd November 2014 06:27

Hi maybe dep on s for spare but box seems ok

AcC8braman 3rd November 2014 07:50

It will have the input shaft with it :)

ArtWorkZ 3rd November 2014 08:01

Mine still has the shaft but has cracked the sleeve that bit bolts on was thinking or making on with a proper bearing in it

~dan~ 30th March 2015 15:51

Found the titanium input bush if you still need one!!

ArtWorkZ 30th March 2015 16:55

Thanks Dan DC have sorted it as I just got too biz to work on it but much appreciated

AcC8braman 31st March 2015 20:10

Dropped mine off today, Countach Frenzy over there :)

ArtWorkZ 31st March 2015 20:40

Haha yeah was going to fetch mine tomorrow but I got to go to a meeting in London so will be Friday now so just retaxed it ready so I guess it's Countach Corner over there ; )

ArtWorkZ 31st March 2015 20:42

I was gonna paint it but might just run it and clean up a few bits so it's got patina : )

ArtWorkZ 2nd April 2015 13:20

Picked up the Countach today from DC Supercars and had a pleasant drive back to Grantham ( with clutch and gears )although not enough time to enjoy it as much as I would like as got a meeting this pm on London : )

ArtWorkZ 2nd April 2015 13:22

Put original box back in so I have a spare 5 speed box if anyone needs one

lambogenie 5th April 2015 09:06

What box you got and how much please?

ArtWorkZ 14th April 2015 17:59

It's a renault Un1 5 speed single selector low mileage 600

lambogenie 14th April 2015 19:04

Which un1? After a 21 turbo

ArtWorkZ 14th April 2015 20:05

It's from renault UN1 alloy tag reads 04 004555 I had it checked over properly as I wanted it for my Countach but my box was ok it was just the spigot bush !

ArtWorkZ 14th April 2015 20:18

Just about to put it on. E bay

~dan~ 17th May 2015 18:19

Terry I've got your tent at my house!!


ArtWorkZ 17th May 2015 18:26

My tent ? Got all mine I think unless you wanna give me the nice one that you park you Countach under lol great to meet you are you on Facebook ?

~dan~ 17th May 2015 18:37

Oh ok I've got two small tents I thought were yours.... Oh well.

Yes good to meet up mate, next show is stanford hall on 28th June if you're about.

Not on FB mate I avoid it!!

Let me know if you can make stanford see lamboreplica for show details


ArtWorkZ 17th May 2015 19:08

Did u see the pics and video I posted on Countach Replicas (Facebook) ?

ArtWorkZ 17th May 2015 19:21

Yeah looks good for that day ; ) cool ... Not sure who the tents belong to ? I checked with my service crew (mrs and daughter) and they are pretty sure they packed em lol

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