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mcramsay 18th May 2015 18:19

Quick seatbelt question
It looks like marlin have now changed the seat belt mounting arrangement, I'm not sure if any one has come across it before but I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how you would actually bolt in a harness?

As you can see there is an upper and lower threaded hole for the too
Mount of the harness, the top hole is level with the shoulders on my seats, why do you need two holes for the harness? There are also tapped holes either side of the transmission tunnel for the harness mounts either side... I get that but I don't understabdvthr need for two holes on top.... Am I being stupid? And also the holes are off to one side ( opposite side on the passenger)

8 Valve Ed 18th May 2015 20:10

I'm not exactly clear what you are asking, there should be four seat belt anchors each side; the top shoulder anchor on the 'B' post, another below that for the reel mechanism, another at a low level in the inner sill, for the other end of the shoulder strap and the one in the transmission tunnel for the receptor stalk.

I see the upper and lower 'B' post anchors which seem to be as expected, but your pic doesn't seem to show the inner sill anchor... Is that what you are concerned about?

morris 18th May 2015 21:36

I'd assume this is so you can use a conventional belt rather than a harness. I'd bolt the reel to that bottom hole, the feed loop to the top at shoulder height and the other end to the outside hole by the floor. You can then have the receptor stalk bolted to the opposite hole in the transmission tunnel at the floor level.

If you want a racing harness there should be a mount point directly behind each seat on the rear most cross member behind the tank (roughly where that screw driver of file is in your photo). This combined with the two mounts at the floor level allow a 3 or 4 point harness run over the top of the rollover bar cross brace.

Once of the first things I'll be doing post IVA is welding in some more conventional seat belt mounting points as I find a harness too restrictive and a hassle to get in and out of.

mcramsay 19th May 2015 20:06

I feel stupid now! I never even thought of the reel mechanism! I don't want race harnesses just a normal belt, and cbs sell one that looks like it will do just the job! Cheers!!

8 Valve Ed 19th May 2015 21:33


Originally Posted by mcramsay (Post 67269)
I feel stupid now! Cheers!!

It would have been even more stupid NOT to have asked, often the obvious isn't so obvious when you are so close to the problem. Glad we could help.

BTW the threads should be 7/16" UNF, it's often a good plan to run a tap through new mountings in case some weld splatter has stuck to the threads.

Good luck with the build!

MartinClan 20th May 2015 07:40


Originally Posted by mcramsay (Post 67269)
cbs sell one that looks like it will do just the job! Cheers!!

Try this place. I found them much cheaper and with a huge selection.

Cheers, Robin

Chris Cussen 20th May 2015 11:39

You should have bots of 8.8 grade or higher as defined in the IVA manual

Patrick 21st May 2015 20:35

Reels would be nice the harnesses are a bit of a pain on mine, especially when you swap drivers of different sizes!

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