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Nostromo 10th October 2018 15:20

Painted rear end, exhaust fitted but all hanging a bit too low for my liking. Will have to have a go at getting it all a bit higher. I was really hoping to get the car out today but will have to wait til next week now :(

SwiftyDS 10th October 2018 18:18

Yes the twin pipes look like they are a couple of inches lower than where the same exhaust sits on mine. Shout if I can help by sending any more pics of mine.

Paint looks fantastic especially with the Ford badge - looks like you’ve done a fab job there

SwiftyDS 10th October 2018 18:20

Just seen your previous pics - I think my exhaust hanger mounts/rubbers might be a bit shorter than yours - I will take some measurements tomorrow

Nostromo 11th October 2018 08:31

The mounts I've used are a pretty standard size I think, same as what came off. They'll need to be pretty small to get the exhaust a couple of inches higher. Not sure why there's such a difference between yours and mine. Might be best for me to just add some new mounting points higher up.

SwiftyDS 11th October 2018 16:06

Just had the clam off mine and you’re right.

Sent you an email that tries to explain how mine is mounted differently and how that led me to think the rubber mounts were smaller.

Not sure it helps much though!

DaveP 12th October 2018 06:21

Great work so far. I am really liking the Matt black on the car. It suits the look. A bit stealth fighter


Nostromo 12th October 2018 19:44


Originally Posted by DaveP (Post 97095)
Great work so far. I am really liking the Matt black on the car. It suits the look. A bit stealth fighter


Thanks Dave, I'm really pleased with how it's come out so far although it definitely looks better from a few feet away rather than close up.

wozzy 16th October 2018 17:53

Looking good.
get some pics up from the front with the lights / indicators in.
are you adding the big rally flaps? and if so what colour?

Nostromo 18th October 2018 09:52

Thanks Wozzy, I'll hopefully get the car out over the next few days so will take a few decent pictures then. Hadnt really thought about rally flaps but they'd look pretty cool I think. Red maybe?

Little update for today. I got fed up with attaching and removing the battery terminal and then forgetting about it and ending up with no juice so fitted this:

Not that it'll help me remember to remove it mind. Maybe I could put an led on it or something. Eventually, I want a proper external battery isolator.

Also have decided to add a fuel flap after filling in the original hole. Hindsight and all that. Anyway, I found this one which is for a jeep which I reckon will look pretty good, plus the hole is big so I can reach the filler behind it easily.

wozzy 18th October 2018 15:19

I don't understand what a fluffy blue towel will do to the battery :icon_surprised:
how is the jeep cap for size in the clam?

Nostromo 18th October 2018 18:01


Originally Posted by wozzy (Post 97157)
I don't understand what a fluffy blue towel will do to the battery :icon_surprised:
how is the jeep cap for size in the clam?

Keeps it warm during the winter obvs ;)

Jeep cap is really good. Can easily get my hand through with loads of room to reach the filler. I think it'll be quite close to the shut line between the clam and skirt though.

Nostromo 19th October 2018 06:31

My boy woke me up early so rather than go back to bed, I went a drilled some holes in the bonnet and fitted some window squirters. I know the rs200 didn't have them there but I don't think they look out of place.

SwiftyDS 19th October 2018 06:43

Looks good Nick - I’ve seen quite a few there on MRS200s and Ford based replicas.

I ended up putting mine on the scuttle panel - wasn’t sure the angles would work for the jets but they seem OK and the popping can run under the scuttle panel.

They do stick out a bit though - think yours look a bit more discrete

froggyman 19th October 2018 07:39


Originally Posted by SwiftyDS (Post 97177)

They do stick out a bit though - think yours look a bit more discrete

When were rally cars built to be discreet!!
Another way to do them would be to pipe them up the wiper arms which is how many rally cars have them in order to provide ample water exactly where it is needed. Hymer even have this on their motorhomes using a Volvo jet system. With black tubing up the black arms even they seem quite discreet. Enjoying the RS200 builds.

Nostromo 21st October 2018 13:45

Provisionally fitted the fuel flap. Was a bit daunting drilling a massive hole in the side of the car but there we go. I need to put a little filler around the edges as the panel has a slight curve. I quite like it. Can't wait to roll the car out and see it all in daylight!!

SwiftyDS 21st October 2018 14:48

Looks really good Nick - I like it and it goes well with your black stealth look. Looking forward to seeing pics of it outside.

Your prep on your paint job looks great. Must have taken you ages. I foolishly decided to tidy up the filling around the rear lights on mine as I hadn’t really done a tidy job around the MK1 lights. Bloomin eck ... four days later and just when you think it is there a layer of white primer later and it looks like the dog has sunken his teeth into parts!

wozzy 22nd October 2018 19:49

Looking really good :peace:

Jaguartvr 23rd October 2018 06:34

Now that you have fitted the washer jets, I used TVR styled jets, these clip to the wiper arm itself and are very efficient, I just couldn't bring myself to drill the newly painted bonnet.
About 7 each from eBay.

wozzy 25th October 2018 17:35

what's the diameter of the fuel cap Nick?

Nostromo 26th October 2018 18:45

Thanks chaps, Wozzy, will check for you next time I pop outside. The one I bought from eBay doesn't seem to be there anymore but it's the same as this one:

Jaguartvr, I had considered running the hose up the wipers. I'm not quite sure why I decided to go with drilling holes in the bonnet to be honest. It was probably just because I had a couple of squirters spare and it was a job that needed doing.

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