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wozzy 15th July 2019 18:06

Looking good Nick

ludsonline 17th July 2019 13:37

Car is looking really good

Nostromo 25th August 2019 08:54

Had another go at my center console as it looked a bit boring before. Much happier than I was:

Also, its with regret that I'll be putting the car up for sale at some point soon due to another addition to the family in about 6 months time. I struggle to get out on the car as it is so realistically, I just just don't think I'll have the time for it when baby no.2 appears. If anyone's interested, please get in touch. I have an idea what I'd like for it and won't rush into selling it for less than I think it's worth. Regardless of selling it, I still have a box of bits that I want to add so will still get out when I can for a fettle.

SwiftyDS 25th August 2019 14:59

Dials look good Nick. I keep looking at something similar for mine particularly the ones on eBay with the 80s style retro switches.

Many congrats on baby number 2 being on the way - I’m sure you will get plenty of interest in your MRS200 when it comes time to sell. You should think about some Ken Block Hoonigan graphics and position it as a replica of his original RS200 which he’s painted black.

Nostromo 25th August 2019 16:29

Thanks Dave. Hopefully It'll get some interest. Not sure whether to stick it on eBay on an auction with a high reserve and see if it goes that way.
I really like the switch panels, it would only be for show if I was to out one in.
I was thinking about the hoonigan graphics but I dont think I have the time to get it all done. I've got a few other bits and pieces I wanted to sort out so I won't be bored.

Nostromo 9th September 2019 19:43

Isn't it funny... and annoying, how you can decide to sell something, then really get going with doing some bits and pieces you've been meaning to get round to for ages!

Mesh in the roof intakes. Decided to go for some stuff with smaller holes as there's no intercooler in there. Makes it a little harder to see through. I've not done the vents at the rear of the roof and the window isn't in so should look darker than it is now.

SwiftyDS 10th September 2019 08:28

Makes all the difference Nick doesn’t it - looks great.

I really wish I’d taken your lead on the roof panel mod where you introduced the deeper step down towards the rear before I bonded mine in. Bit difficult on mine to do this now as I also filled in the void between the roof skin and the MR2 hardtop.

Nostromo 6th October 2019 19:09

Regardless of the car being up for sale, I just can't help myself. Bit of inspiration from Swifty and I've started adding some vinyl. I'd ordered it a while ago anyway, why not use it! Couple more stripes still to go.

SwiftyDS 6th October 2019 19:45

Looks great Nick - now that really is a Ken Block Hoonigan replica now :-)

wozzy 8th October 2019 19:20

This stripe thing seems to be catching, looking good

Nostromo 13th October 2019 08:39

One more stripe required I think.

SwiftyDS 13th October 2019 10:42

Looking good Nick - looks like there is room for another one on the air intake at the side of the clam or why not do a big stripe down the door skin like the one you have on the rear wing of the clam?

Nostromo 13th October 2019 17:43

Not sure I've got enough vinyl left for another big stripe on each side. It doesn need a bit more though I think.

Nostromo 13th October 2019 20:26

Stripe #4

wozzy 14th October 2019 20:16

You guys are doing great with the stripes, i think i will have to do mine in the other direction ;)

SwiftyDS 14th October 2019 20:46

That’s definitely a Ken Block RS200 replica now Nick .... looking forward to seeing the Hoonigan sunstrip :-)

Nostromo 22nd October 2019 21:19

Finally got her out in the sun for a blast

And thanks to Swifty for pointing out it was missing a badass 90s sun strip to bring it a little closer to being a proper Ken Block hoonigan replica:

SwiftyDS 23rd October 2019 06:15

Really finishes it off Nick - looks great

wozzy 2nd December 2019 21:08

Nice job, looks great

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