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retro200 12th December 2016 15:43

rs 200 wheels
i would want em 24 carat gold plated for that, the last set of 4 x std rs200 wheels inc tyres on e bay went for 895 begining to wish ide carried on bidding on em lol

SwiftyDS 13th December 2016 13:00

I know what you mean - I also bid on those original Speedlines and wish I'd hung in there given they also had decent tyres!

Nostromo 13th December 2016 18:02

Doing a bit of work on the roof today:

And getting the tyres removed off the old wheels tomorrow so that I can sort them out.

wozzy 15th December 2016 13:26


Originally Posted by Nostromo (Post 84808)
Doing a bit of work on the roof today:

And getting the tyres removed off the old wheels tomorrow so that I can sort them out.

It will be interesting to see if mine comes wirth the pillars,
scary stuff cutting things up

SwiftyDS 15th December 2016 13:47

Wozzy I got my kit delivered and Chris told me in advance he would have to cut the pillars to get it on a pallet. Came separately with the kit so will fibreglass back to roof panel before fitting to aid alignment.

retro200 15th December 2016 14:07

mrs 200 roof
best of luck with that the roof is about the fiddliest part of the build to get right ,getting it to fit around screen and down pillars , thinking about it ,it might be easier in 3 pieces !!! have fun .

SwiftyDS 15th December 2016 17:12

To be honest I did think it might be easier to keep them separate and bond them to the MR2 pillars as I align/bond the roof in. Will hold fire from fibreglassing them back in for now

Nostromo 15th December 2016 22:08

The a pillars on mine are going to need some work. You can just see that on the right hand side, there's a step which has made the rest of that section wider than it should be. It shouldn't be there so will have to be cut out and re-done. Just want to get it all lined up so that I can fix the clam in place.

retro200 16th December 2016 11:39

yes i can just see it in your roof pic a job for mr angle grinder my roof section had a return edge all round that i managed to fit into the small gap between windscreen rubber and "A" pillars /roof managed to get it to sit in all round took hours +hours to get right but worth it in the end only thing is if screen ever needs to be replaced its a big job !!

Nostromo 16th December 2016 13:35

I've decided to make my roof removeable for exactly that reason and come up with a plan on how it's going to work. It'll be nut and bolted along the sides, silicon sealed all the way around and probably a rivet or two at the bottom of the pillars. It's gonna work.

retro200 16th December 2016 14:46

re mrs 200 roof
just a thought , only other way i can think of would be to reduce edge of roof panal all round then blend the f/glass into the pillars and screen top area with filler, feathering it out then paint as one to leave windscreen rubber free for future removal only thing is i dont know how vunerable it would be to movement of the joint due to any flexing that might occur when driving , mick.

Nostromo 18th December 2016 21:17

Brought my bumper to work and cut some holes for the indicators. Now, I can indicate :)

I may have also set the building fire alarm off in doing so. It apparently works on dust as well as fire :bolt:

LeighV6 19th December 2016 06:11

Just stumbled across this thread. Looks like you are dong well so far, and I look forward to seeing it finished..

Nostromo 19th December 2016 21:55

Thanks LeighV6... me too!

I've been wondering about fuel, maybe someone can advise. Obviously the fuel in the tank isn't going to do much over the next 6 months to a year. Theres a drop in there and i'll only occasionally start her up to move her out of the garage and onto the driveway. As we all know, fuel can go bad over time. Is there anything I can do to combat this? What have all you builders done with your projects?

retro200 20th December 2016 08:14

hi nicki dont worry about the fuel it takes it a fair while to go off mine was off the road for nearly 12 months all i did was run engine every couple of weeks for half an hour or so to keep things moving i just kept putting another gallon or so in every two or three months to keep it fresh other thing is your battery its a good idea to trickle charge every few weeks to stop it calcifing a motorcycle battery optimiser is ok they slowly charge the battery then discharge and recharge to keep it in good order mine was knackersd when i got the car so i used an old one while i was building the car then got a new one when it was finished

Nostromo 27th December 2016 20:25

Actually managed to do some bits on the car today!!

Using a couple more bits I found in my recycle bin at work (box section) these will be my brackets for the clam. Pretty much the same as Retro200's hinge but most of mine came out of the bin. They will be reinforced with some 3mm stainless plate to give the footprints a larger surface area then bolted and glued through the hardtop.

Next on tonight's agenda is to prime a couple of wheels!

Mick, I don't suppose you removed your hardtop headlining? Easy to do?

retro200 28th December 2016 08:05

hi nick nice work on the hinges ,no i left roof lining in i bolted thru it with some flat stainless plates on underside to spread the load with lock nuts and covers all painted black so you dont really see them

Nostromo 28th December 2016 15:59

2 x prepped wheels. Came out even better than expected! No idea what colour I should so for. I think they can only be gold, white or the rota bronze colour. Anyone?

SwiftyDS 28th December 2016 16:05

They look great so far - I am going with white alloys for mine

LeighV6 29th December 2016 06:33

Your choice... but personally always liked white wheels on rallyesque cars.

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