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luked2189 1st January 2017 16:05

hi guys. how are you getting on with the sills and doors?

Nostromo 1st January 2017 16:40

Hi Luke, haven't even touched the doors yet. The sills have been trimmed a little and drilled a couple of holes to keep them in place but there's a lot of adjustment required. I need a dry day when the wife is at work so that I can get the car out of the garage and properly line everything up without being disturbed. The mr2 doors will need to be 'trimmed' at the bottom to fit. I've just purchased a set of spacers so that I can get the rear wheels on and have something else to line up the bodywork with.

SwiftyDS 1st January 2017 17:55

Luke, I am still a way off from the doors and sills with my build

Nostromo 3rd January 2017 23:08

This is my hinge which will go inside the clam. The bits of box section (not in the picture) will be bolted through another piece of plate, through the hardtop then through another bit of plate underneath in a cross shape for a bit of extra rigidity.

wozzy 4th January 2017 12:37


Originally Posted by Nostromo (Post 85266)
This is my hinge which will go inside the clam. The bits of box section (not in the picture) will be bolted through another piece of plate, through the hardtop then through another bit of plate underneath in a cross shape for a bit of extra rigidity.

that looks like it will be spot on for the job
good work, keep the pics coming

Nostromo 12th January 2017 00:37

Had a couple of tyres fitted earlier today so that I could get some colour on the wheels. I did it this way round as I was worried about the tyre machine taking the paint off if I'd sprayed them first. The paint won't go mega hard as I'm not able to bake the wheels. Think the wife would be upset if she came home to find a wheel in the oven. Here's where I'm at this evening:

Lacquer tomorrow and I'll hopefully have my spacers by the weekend so I can properly line up the clam.

retro200 12th January 2017 08:07

alloy wheel painting
hi nick , wheels looking good ,what coulor did you decide on, a modern tyre machine and plenty tyre soap shouldn,t go anywere near your wheel rims i had mine fitted to new wheels with polished rims .no problem. the foot that puts the tyre on should stand away from the rim and not contact it , the old way were they use a long bar around a central post will damage them, obviously .

Nostromo 12th January 2017 11:17

Yeah that's right, but the tyre still has to be stretched over the rim until it pops on. I just didn't want to take any chances as the paint wouldn't be super hard. I got him to fit and balance the wheels, then let the air out and push the tyre off the bead so that I could spray all the way round. The colour is actually halfrauds generic gold enamel paint. A friend's son works there and gets a nice discount otherwise I'd prefer not to set foot in there. The paint gives a really nice finish and at the moment seems to look a bit darker than expected. I'll see tomorrow once the lacquer has dried and the papers off.

wozzy 12th January 2017 13:23

The wheels look good :smile:
im still waiting to get my kit delivered, i think the courier is using a horse and cart

SwiftyDS 12th January 2017 14:24

Nick, I really like your choice of colour. I wasn't sure about gold but it looks good and I'm sure they will look great with laquer - looking forward to seeing them on the car.

I bit the bullet and ordered a set of Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2s in white on Monday - unfortunately there is a 6 week wait to have TD cast them so any final alignment of panels will have to wait til they arrive.

Nostromo 14th January 2017 19:53

Cheers chaps, I think they'll look pretty good :) still no bloody spacers :(

wozzy 15th January 2017 11:08

They look very nice, have you tried them on the car yet to get a side view shot

Nostromo 15th January 2017 11:38

Not yet mate, as I say, the spacers haven't turned up yet. Also as the car has no doors, I don't particularly want put it out in the rain haha!

Nostromo 19th January 2017 23:07

Woohoo!!! Look what turned up in the post today!!!

Aaaaaaaaaand then I found that I have locking wheel nuts and no key. My mate at Toyota is coming to the rescue with a bag of wheel nut keys. Fingers crossed or else it'll be a socket and a lump hammer.

Also, the work recycle bin strikes again with some aircraft fixings for my windows (as I want them removeable) complete with really funky plated purple crush pins!

Munky 20th January 2017 21:57

Clickbate, but has some cool pics and video of the RS200.

Nostromo 22nd January 2017 14:16

Bit of a nightmare day today. Broke my audi changing a tie rod end, went to change the rocker cover gasket and euros have given me the wrong one, then started on wheels on the mr2 and realised I don't have any wheel nuts. Could have sworn i bought a set ages ago. I'm watching the telly for the rest of the day :mmph:

LeighV6 22nd January 2017 17:24

very frustrating when that happens

molleur 22nd January 2017 18:55

At times, it's best to just walk away for a bit!

Nostromo 24th January 2017 20:22

Here's how she stands at the moment. Couldn't rock it to get the suspension to drop as it's too late for mucking about. Well pleased with how they've turned out though :)

molleur 24th January 2017 20:30

Those wheels are the cat's behind!

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