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amg86 20th January 2014 20:02

looking to build first kit car
Hi there I'm looking at spending around 10000-11000 on a kitcar I'm quite like the westfield with mx5 kit car can u use the 1.8 engine

milos87popovic 9th April 2014 14:21


landmannnn 9th April 2014 20:57

You can do what you like of course. The ford duratec 1.8 in the mx5 is a solid unit, but the 133bhp available wouldn't be the first choice.
You have a decent budget so could easily step up to a larger capacity duratec out of some mondeo or similar.

milos87popovic 7th March 2022 13:30

Great idea

kon 8th March 2022 09:57

The 1.8 BP engine in my 2004 NB2 actually makes 152bhp in its standard form, not 133. They are meant to work quite well with aftermarket turbos, without needing to upgrade much else. The big brake conversion is always a good idea tho.
The problem I've seen with it, is that it's now quite old, so isnt well-suited to running the latest E10 petrol, and I believe it's a Euro3 emissions class, so isnt allowed into ULEZ areas (without a hefty fee).

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