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slartibartfast 18th October 2012 22:35

Spyder number 125
Hi all
I've been following various threads and feel it is now time to "test the water" by jumping in. This is my "maiden post" ...
I'll be building my Spyder to compliment my current stable of a 1966 Morris Minor Convertible and a 1971 Rover P5B... I plan going into the "Wedding Hire" business when I retire.
I purchased my donor car, a 12/50 Herald 1147cc a couple of months ago with a current MOT and have been driving around in what is comically known as "Summer" in this part of the world. Last Friday I went down to Poole ... well East Knighton ... and picked up my one hump Spyder kit and on the Saturday started stripping down the Herald.
She's in pretty good shape bearing in mind the "old girl" is 47 years old. Most of the body securing bolts have yielded nicely, but I am gonna have to get nasty with a few ... out will come the drill !!
Interior wise, so far I've removed the seats, carpets, door cards and rear quarter panels ... and behind one of the quarter panels I found some kids comics!!!! dated July & August 1965 ! My theory being that the mechanic on the assembly line was catching up on his "Buster" when the foreman came along so he quickly hid the evidence ... behind the quarter panel ....
I will no doubt be seeking advice as work progresses; any feedback would be much appreciated ..
Once I've worked out how to attach pictures ....... these will follow

Patton 19th October 2012 04:37

Slarti, if I my call you that, no Ford Prefect? Welcome to the dark side, stick the comics on fleabay and get a couple quid back. Skippy, I've started finished less paint now taken her apart and made some serious alterations and is back under construction or lovely summer part of the incentive, Regards Pat

oxford1360 19th October 2012 07:49

Welcome Slarti, I wish you luck with the build. I'm sure that you will love (nearly) every minute of it. Post those pictures as you go. All progress is good progress. Without the forum, building could be a lonely affair - nobody that I know is remotely interested in what I get up to down at The Glade. The feedback from the forum members is always constructive and goes a little way towards keeping you sane....but only a little way.

WorldClassAccident 19th October 2012 08:39

I plan going into the "Wedding Hire" business when I retire.

It should be amusing watching the bride in her full fluffy white merangue dress climbing in and out of a Sammio!


Mister Towed 19th October 2012 08:48

Welcome to the Sammio experience 'bartfast. Fellow Douglas Adams fan by any chance?

Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your progress, most people posting pictures on here use -

You'll need to register with them (free), then follow the simple instructions to upload pictures stored on your computer to their server. Once they're in your photobucket 'album' you just hover over the image you want to post, move the cursor onto the 'img code' tab on the menu that drops down Click on it and the word 'copied' will briefly appear. Switch back to the madabout forum and put the cursor where you want the picture to appear in your post, then right click followed by 'paste' and the code will appear. Once you submit the post the images will be directly embedded in your entry so we can all see them.

Good luck with posting the pics and with your build. Sounds like you've got a decent donor which is a good way to start. Wish I'd thought of that... :biggrin:

garyh 19th October 2012 08:55

Morning Bart, it will be good to see another build. Plenty of photos please.

davecymru 19th October 2012 09:42

I think we all look forward you watching your build and please expect us to blatantly rip-off and copy any of your more interesting parts :)

oxford1360 19th October 2012 10:38


Originally Posted by davecymru (Post 36402)
I think we all look forward you watching your build and please expect us to blatantly rip-off and copy any of your more interesting parts :)

Hear, hear!

Paul L 19th October 2012 22:21


Originally Posted by slartibartfast (Post 36389)
... Once I've worked out how to attach pictures ...

Welcome, and here is something prepared earlier to help you with that...

Practise uploading photos here

Good Luck, Paul. :)

slartibartfast 25th October 2012 18:44

Spyder 125 ..
Thanks one and all for the most warm welcome to the forum. Yes, I am a Douglas Adams fan and yes, of course you may call me Slarti , or anything but Zaphod.
I think I have at last managed to get the links to Photobucket sorted; do let me know if this is not the case.
I hope I have attached a picture of my donor which has a current MOT and I've been driving up until a couple of weeks ago. The other photo is where I found the "Buster" comics. Pat ... I don't think I will sell them .. only fetch a couple of quid anyway. Be nice to keep them and tell the story to my grandchildren.
Petrol tank out and all offside body bolts out. Just need to drill out 4 on the nearside & I can lift off the body.
More photos to follow.
No doubt I will be pickin' your brains soon.

Mister Towed 25th October 2012 19:27

I found a 1965 penny under the trim in the back of my Vitesse and a pound coin under the driver's seat. I'm keeping the penny in the car, for luck, and I bought a lottery ticket with the pound. Didn't win though. :(

You're nearly there with posting the pictures - to embed them directly into the post just hover the cursor over your photobucket picture, then click on the space to the right of 'img code' at the bottom of the drop-down menu. Then right click and hit 'paste' where you want the image in the post.

Et voila!

slartibartfast 10th November 2012 09:47

Advice now required
Thanks for that Mr Towed; more pictures will follow idc: At the moment I have all the body securing bolts out ... some of course I had to drill. Next bit is lifting the body off the chassis. ... but whereto cut !? I know I will have to cut through the bulkhead but my donor being a saloon, the roof is connected to the front section. I was hoping to remove the rear section and perhaps sell that as one unit. Has anyone any ideas out there?
I was thinking about peeling back the lip where the roof meets the windscreen frame or alternatively, take out the windscreen and cut through the pillar about half way down.
Anybody out there converted a saloon before?
Doors are off; bonnet is off; interior all out; jamcake (handbrake) disconnected; more pictures will follow once I have the boddy off .... not much to see at present except a stripped Herald.
Look forward to getting some feed back.

Mister Towed 10th November 2012 10:08

Don't cut through the roof pillars! The roof unbolts and lifts off leaving the body tub looking like the convertible (but not quite the same).

From memory, there're two bolts attaching it to the rear deck, another two holding it to the windscreen surround and a couple more holding the 'B' pillars to the body. Once you've found and undone them, it's just a case of cracking the seal made by forty odd years of accumulated crud, then lift the roof off and sell it. I think I got about 40 for mine :)

This might help -

When you take the body off the chassis, the one problem a few of us have had is removing the handbrake compensator under the rear seat area. It's the crescent shaped guide that carries the cable running between the rear drums. I'd recommend removing that cable from the handbrake levers on the backs of the drums before you try to remove the body or it'll stop you getting it off.

I hope that makes sense and good luck.

slartibartfast 10th November 2012 22:12

I now have a convertible Herald
Thanks Mister Towed .... all worked wonders. Three bolts accessible through the boot void, two under the sun visor clips and two at the foot of the rear window supports.
Thanks for all your help; I feel I have made some real progress. Rear tub ready to remove .,.. photos to follow.
This is where a forum is so helpful .... Cheers mates

slartibartfast 12th November 2012 19:50

Photos as requested
Sorry .... still haven't quite got the hang of it.

Mister Towed 12th November 2012 20:08


Originally Posted by slartibartfast (Post 37421)

OK, photobucket just 'upgraded' their website from the one we'd all got used to.

The way it works now is that you click on the picture in your library that you want to post and a selection of codes appear on the right side of the screen next to the full size image.

Hover over the one at the bottom of the list marked 'img code' and click on it when the cursor turns into a finger. The word 'copied' should flash up, you then right click in your post and click 'paste'.

And that's it, when you submit the post the image will display for everyone to see without having to follow any links. Good luck.

slartibartfast 17th November 2012 17:07

A little bit of advice required ....
The time has now come to clear the decks a bit and sell off some of the body panels & trim. Before I "throw the baby out with the bathwater", I have a feeling should I be keeping the bonnet support frame so that I can fit this into the GRP bonnet. Can someone confirm OR give me some alternative ideas.

Jerome 17th November 2012 18:32


I had the same thought about the bonnet frame,but i didn,t see a way
to use it as such.
Later I made a frame for my lugageroom and tried to use it,in the end I


Psycho pops 18th November 2012 06:55

I kept my bonnet frame and used it,
Ended up cutting the bar of that runs across the bonnet and just used the two struts either side, It seems to work well and will give me somewhere to attach the wheel arches.
The other bonus is you get the full adjustment that was available on the original .
Will post pictures for you when I get home..

slartibartfast 23rd February 2013 14:46

slow progress
Sorry I've not updated for some weeks. A combination of snow, cold, more snow and not being able to sell off some of the body parts so that I have room to move around.
I've now sold the roof, doors, front valance & front seats. I now need to pass on the steel bonnet ... not bad nick & the body tub; again in very good condition as it was fully undersealed soon after new. If anyone knows someone who would benefit from either do put them in touch. I would hope to get near 100 for the body and about 60 for the bonnet.
Watch this space.
Hey ho ....

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