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lancelot link 4th December 2019 15:25

Wing mirror plinths for Formosa /S*mmio/Miglia/A352 etc
As part of creating some parts for a customers build , I had to have a batch of plates cut rather than just a couple ... so I'm offering these wing mirror plinths for 23 incl. postage rather than the 35 plus postage that the final run will be ...
Made from 3mm aluminium , much sturdier than most others ...
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23 incl. postage a pair or 12 each

deni 5th December 2019 11:23

Hi Gary,

They look great and I would like a pair please.


deni 5th December 2019 11:38

...oh yes, I've sent you a PM.

Cheers, D.

lancelot link 5th December 2019 20:26

Hi mate , thank you ...For some reason my phone won't open my PM's I'll read your message tomorrow when I can get on a laptop ....

deni 5th December 2019 20:34

No worries mate, speak tomorrow.

lancelot link 6th December 2019 14:56

Read and noted mate ...reply sent and I'll wrap a pair and get them in the post tomorrow for you ...

deni 6th December 2019 22:21

Thanks Gary. I did not receive a PM of you. Can you confirm your PayPal details so I can transfer the money please?

lancelot link 7th December 2019 13:09

Oh OK ...that's weird ... If you can send it to , she'll get a set in the post Monday ...Thanks

deni 8th December 2019 18:44

No worries Gary, will do.

Thanks, Deni

deni 9th December 2019 10:29

Hi Gary,

Sorted mate, the money is transferred.

Cheers, Deni.

lancelot link 9th December 2019 17:16

Thank you . I put them in the post earlier in anticipation of your payment anyway you should get them tomorrow or Wednesday ...

deni 9th December 2019 23:16

Thanks mate.

deni 14th December 2019 15:59

Hi Gary,

Just to let you know that I have received the wing mirror plinths. Thanks mate, they are great.

Cheers, Deni

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