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theo-xke 14th June 2021 09:18

Coolbull CB5 an 60s tribute MX5 rebody
A new body conversion is on the way. Original planned as a one off project it will go in production with the help of Tribute Automotive.

Iam a big fan of the E-Type, owning a couple in the past was searching for something with the spirit, more fun while driving ,reliable and not that expensive like they are now, nothing found so i did it by myself.
love the shape of the fhc, so carefully going that wasy with respect of that icon without beeing a replica
right rear wing reshaped and will be replicated now for left side

so still a lot of work, but most of the shape is already there , waiting for smooth finish and some details

theo-xke 14th June 2021 09:45

Coolbull cb5
it was a lifetime wish to design my own vintage related car without beeing a replica from something.
So the project started last december as a roadster, everything is planned to fulfill German TÜV regulations, so no chassis or body cuttings done, front and rear bumpers are still intact, could be driven with and without headlight covers.
This conversion is free from UK IVA , will be when ready one of the easiest and quickest conversion on the market.
panels will open like the E-Type, front and rear hatch!
Working decades as engineer in automotive business with customers like Porsche BMW and Daimler i have a critical eye to any detail.
Interior packages will be developed as soon the body is ready for moulding, so the 60s feeling will be complete.
This kit will be mounted in a couple of days, instead working months to finish.
So enough time to play with details.

theo-xke 14th June 2021 10:42

build thread
When starting end of last year i made a build thread for documentation how everything started. At Easter i was asked if i could imagine a coupe instead of a roadster with hardtop. Always beeing a fan of the E-type FHC i started with the OEM hatch to get a body with sexy hips.
So all in all iam working now nearly 1/2 year on that project.
if someone s interested:

one of the last pictures from the roadster, it sits under the Coupe, after moulding the roadster will be finished as a second conversion.

Jaguartvr 14th June 2021 15:56

Looks very nice and well finished. I'm afraid the choice of donor puts me off, the engine too small and nearly all MX5's tend to be rusty. On a Z3 or 4 would be more appealing to me.

theo-xke 14th June 2021 17:06

donor choice
You are right about the rust, on the other side if its only the area around the rear wheel its easy to fix and the donor costs already nearly nothing even otherwise in good shape.
We here in Germany add a supercharger or a turbo, so around 220-280 hp are easy to reach, with low weight and a nice suspension its the perfect funcar.
Biggest problem i had in the past is people think they have a nice perfect car worth about 4-5000 and when you check you will find rust in the front chassis rails the repair costs about 2500-3000 Euros so the car is already nearly dead, or worth about 1000 Euros, so normaly you have to search again for a better one.
From driving its the car with more fun, for relaxed cruising the BMWs are the better choice

theo-xke 14th June 2021 17:10

donor choice
if people like the car and we are able to get money back from selling i talked with Chris about another idea i would like to build, donor would be probably the Z4.
so lets wait and see....

Kuba 14th June 2021 20:33

Well done for coming up with such a great design. I like it a lot. Do you have an early indication of cost?

theo-xke 14th June 2021 21:09

Coolbull cb5
Hi, its to early to talk about costs. It depends how much work and time is involved for Chris to build the kit. My target will be do build it that way that it will be quick and easy to install, with minimum preparation for paint. Gaps should be tight and perfect out of the mould.
I dont believe there is a big market in Germany for, except turnkey cars custom build for the owner. For that reason the build should be possible for a professional bodyshop done approx in a week , otherwise the finished car will be to expensive.
It will be not the cheapest kit but as always from Chris you should expect a bodykit worth the money you pay for, only on a higher level of quality. Because i design it for me iam critical to every detail and i have the time to do it, dont have to rush to make money with.

Kuba 14th June 2021 21:21

I think your creation would a great addition to all other kits that Chris/Dan make (plus few new kits in development stage)
Please posts updates with further progress.
All the best

Lucky@LeMans 14th June 2021 22:34

I like the design and it works well both as a convertible and a coupe. Still plenty of MX5's out there and cheap to buy. I'm sure Chris will take it forward and produce cost effective kits. Biggest plus is the quick build time with a rebody package like this.

theo-xke 15th June 2021 16:19

COOLBULL CB5 Interior packs
Working on the rear wing to finish shape, coming closer to what i was looking for
Same time looking for my prototype interior parts to get the look i want for CB5 inside too.
The 60s feeling should be inside as well as the body.
Show you a couple of pictures from what iam looking for
working on different dress up rings, with and without the plastic cluster
working on the ilumination, later on will be ready for first batches

some of this parts i will try to sell later on to MX5 owners willing to change some on their interior
supplier made first classic look seat , will be offered as cover for DIY or exchange for old seats

theo-xke 9th October 2021 09:53

CB5 Coupe
small update on my running project CB5
lots of details developed byself, i got the restomod look i was searching for a slightly updated look.
Biggest challenge has been the roofline, getting the flowing line is important for the overall look, shape is coming nice now, even still not finished it helps to get that OEM look, like the car is designed from beginning as a coupe.
Its now about the details iam working on, design is finished , now i work mostly on the left side to mirror everything , next step is the rear and the rearwing
a lot has been changed on the front, new indicators and different design with a front lip to get the updated look
still classic inspired but with that slightly modern look

theo-xke 9th October 2021 10:04

CB5 Coupe update
side view with the lip and new indicators
working on new additional indicators integrated in the side vents
thats the look with roof nearly finishe and left side started, still wavy and a lot to do before finished
roofline from back/side view is coming nice
roof from the side, starts to look like one design from front to rear
thats it for now, i guess i will be busy till end of this year before i can call it finished.
Hope you like it like i already do!

Mister Towed 9th October 2021 16:13

Coming along nicely, the back end has quite the look of a Porsche Cayman.

Pictures are a bit big to see at their best on screen, any chance you could resize them to around 1000x720 or so?

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