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swifty 15th July 2017 12:58

Sammio Front End
Does any one happen to have a bonnet off a Sammio or ribble that is surplus to requirements if so pm me.

Paul L 15th July 2017 19:07

Swifty - Sorry, I can't help you with a spare bonnet.

But I really hope this doesn't mean your beautiful car has been damaged.

Fingers crossed, Paul. :)

swifty 15th July 2017 21:09

No damage to my car I'm thinking of remodelling the front end slightly but want to keep the original.

lancelot link 16th July 2017 19:46

You can obviously still buy these new ..but I'm guessing you are looking for a cheaper option ...

May I ask what your remodelling plans are ? or are you keeping that one close to your chest for now ? A bit closer to the D24 would be interesting ...

swifty 16th July 2017 21:43

Had not realised they were still available new so all depends on how much a new one is.
As for my plans not 100% sure at the moment, will probably see how it goes, that is if I go ahead with the remodel.

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