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Paul L 12th July 2020 05:33

Looking more complete every time. :cool:

andysharrock 17th July 2020 18:41

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finally got a petrol tank so set about making a cradle to hold it in while trying to keep it low in the boot. the boot is a good size in these because it should be the engine and I want to keep as much of it as possible.
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Attachment 6973

Attachment 6974

Now the tank is in I can start forming the boot floor and walls, from the inside its starting to look like a car.

Attachment 6975

Attachment 6976

made a center tunnel to cover the gearbox and split it so it easily comes out easy also formed the rear seat still needs a lot of work . and yep I do need some more fiberglass :laugh:

andysharrock 19th July 2020 08:38

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Cardboard and lino are out so it must be time to start on the boot,the hover box has a glossy wax coating brill for glassing it dose not stick. bit of very basic framework to hold it all in place 3 lairs of 600 csm and a lair of woven and we have part of a boot and wheel arches.
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I am going to run out of resin already used my 5th tin this year, plan is to get as much as I can in with just one lair of csm then when I have more resin thicken it all in one hit:painkiller:

andysharrock 19th July 2020 16:07

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I have made a fiberglass cover for the tank to protect all the vitals loads of tape and cardboard should just pull off when its all hard. just need to trim it down and tech screw it in place so I can always get at the tank.
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Attachment 6982

car will have a lovely rear end when its all finished lol;

Attachment 6983

andysharrock 26th July 2020 08:41

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I needed an ignition switch but it was just as cheap to buy a complete power steering column off a corsa so we now have power steering. Need to change the steering wheel but not sure stock bug or chrome and wood.
Attachment 6987

Attachment 6988

good week on ebay bought a set of wheel adapters 40quid so I can look at getting the wheels on. Plus a full roll of core mat and two 25l tins of resin 90 quid always worth scanning fleby for anything close. should have my ZGT for September so that will be a busy month for now going fishing so no action till then. :fish:

Mister Towed 27th July 2020 07:42

Wow, such fast progress is making me dizzy! I take it the Corsa column has electric power assistance rather than hydraulic? Would be a nice mod for a six-pot car on wide tyres, are there any issues connecting it to the rack?

andysharrock 27th July 2020 09:02

yep electric power assistance they sell controllers on flebay around £15 from memory its like a volume button more power more assistance. all lines up bang on using part mx5 in the middle. I fitted one on my Chevy they work a treat and are as cheap as chips

andysharrock 31st August 2020 17:33

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evening all well I am back off my hols my Zgt is going to be a while yet so some more time on the speedster. wheel spacers have arrived so I fitted the wheels I must have done something right they are bang on for distance from the arch both sides. I am not 100% happy with the area in blue I made it flatter first. Then changed it to what you see still not 100%
Attachment 7049

so now wondering should I go whole hog and put a roof on it. it would make it more usable and they are just as cool with a roof ,,,any thoughts anyone

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Munky 31st August 2020 22:33

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They had a similar issue on the US based Starke speedster

But I think Brian got it right with the Iconic speedster

Somehow it’s flatter.

That said, a Coupé would be very cool - especially with a pre A bent window!

molleur 31st August 2020 22:58

My vote goes for the coupe. Speedster windscreen won't work with it though.

Mister Towed 1st September 2020 07:14

Wheels look great, the rear 'hump' does look closer to the 911 cabriolet than the 356 but, based on what you've achieved so far, it shouldn't take too much work to flatten its curve.

Coupe would look great but sourcing and matching all the side glass and rear screen with frames and trim could become an expensive pain.

Keep up the good work!

andysharrock 1st September 2020 20:59

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ok so I do fancy a coupe but need to think glass first VW beetle 1303 has a curved screen but I think it will be to high. shame I can get a full set of stock glass flat screen for £70 not to far away. Morris minor back window looks more in proportion easy to get just need to find one I can measure. MGB frame with glass but I think to straight.side and rear not so much a problem its getting the front right so any others I could look at.

Attachment 7056

split screen still has a curve on the edges so would it still work with just flat glass and look as good

Attachment 7055

loving the flat bonnet look too but dont think it would cover the engine big bump with a vent maybe now that would spark questions lol

redratbike 1st September 2020 21:14

The speedster clinic were selling a speedster hardtop maybe go that route ?

Mister Towed 2nd September 2020 07:16

I tried to buy some parts from the Speedster Clinic a year or two back. The order wouldn't go through on their website and I couldn't get a response from them from their contact details.

If you can get hold of them and they are still trading they'd be a great source of parts at reasonable prices in the UK.

redratbike 2nd September 2020 09:33

It’s where Andy got his bodywork sides still trading and selling kits

andysharrock 2nd September 2020 10:31

yep they are still trading Gary is whom the part body came from. I was going to pop down and see some of his kits to give me a idea of which way to go see one in the flesh. Not a big fan of the removable hard top just always look like an add on.with a coupe same as in the 250swb the lid makes a massive difference and is what makes the car so cool. decision decisions

andysharrock 5th September 2020 18:29

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meet jedward lol work in progress made a right mess of my garage hope fully get some fiberglass on it tomorrow see how its looks

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Attachment 7072

Mister Towed 6th September 2020 08:02

Wow, that profile's looking quite 356/911 hybrid. Could also pass for an early streamliner, I like it!

andysharrock 6th September 2020 09:02

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thanks for the positive comments Mr t, I am not trying to copy anything going very much by eye and what I think will look right. The proof will be when I get some fiber glass on it and open the windows up . that's today's job front screens will be flat glass. In fact I have planed it right it will all be flat glass so that will make windows easy.
Attachment 7073

redratbike 6th September 2020 10:27

Looks closer to the rear profile of the abarth 356 coupe

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