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redratbike 6th September 2020 10:28

Looks closer to the rear profile of the abarth 356 coupe

andysharrock 6th September 2020 19:25

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Not every day you plaster a car but I fingered it was going to be the essayist way to fill and smooth things out

Attachment 7084

Attachment 7088
I then covered everything in tin foil so touch wood 90% should come off without to much trouble
Attachment 7085

I used 300g csm then 3mm core mat two more 300 then topped just the middle with 600 csm hopefully it should give me enough strength. if not I will add more after I cut it back .

Attachment 7086

it should be thick enough to cut back around the windows I will then gel coat the lot. I will also fill in the inside of the A post and put a top on the B post

Attachment 7087

least I can make the B post on the bench and just glass it in,Most of it had set by the time I packed up I had to resist the temptation to cut the windows out and start removing the inner support.

molleur 6th September 2020 21:03

Actually surprised to see such good progress so soon.
Looking good.

andysharrock 7th September 2020 13:50

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And we have a roof considering I only did it yesterday it seems rock solid as it cures it can only get better. Next job cut it back fit A&B post then gel coat blend it all in. windows to trim back and make a cut the templates for glass
Attachment 7090

Attachment 7091

Attachment 7092

hopefully when the plaster is dry a good thump on the roof most of it should fall off if not that,s going to be a bugger to clean off

Attachment 7093

Bellicose 7th September 2020 14:45

Love this project so much! I've just taken delivery of fibreglass and resin to carry on with my car the way you are with yours!

You inspire people!!!

Mitchelkitman 7th September 2020 18:11

I like the plater idea - I'd considered using Plaster of Paris to get a shape and (once dried fully) sealing with varnish, but I like your tin foil idea! Did you wax the tin foil? and what plaster did you use?

andysharrock 7th September 2020 19:51

Mitchelkitman ,,,,plaster is just a multi Finnish but any finishing plaster will do the same job. No wax dose not need on tin foil. top tip put a hand full of cement in the plaster makes it set quick saves you waiting around for ages. dont over do the cement it will set before you know it

andysharrock 7th September 2020 19:53


Originally Posted by Bellicose (Post 105137)
Love this project so much! I've just taken delivery of fibreglass and resin to carry on with my car the way you are with yours!

You inspire people!!!

thank you we all need a push sometimes knowing others like what I am doing keeps me going.:tea:

andysharrock 13th September 2020 20:40

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Jedward is starting to look the part the roof smoothed out bloody good even if I do say so myself.
Attachment 7095

Attachment 7096

I changed the back window to two as the curve on the roof wasn't going to work with plate glass.

started on the inside putting an inner on the roof so its not just a skin all the widows need trimming back and the dash is going to get changed.

Attachment 7097

Attachment 7098

hard work trying to glass on the in side of the roof with strong winds blowing though the car .another few days work on the outside could see some primmer on the car that will transform it. I am starting to thinking about bumpers yes or no

Mitchelkitman 13th September 2020 21:30

Does the aluminium foil just peel off the resin without sticking at all?

andysharrock 13th September 2020 21:41

I made the mistake of using glue to hold it on the plaster in places so were they is glue it stuck it dose peel off with work. No glue no it will not stick when dry it will peel off.

molleur 13th September 2020 22:54

Looking pretty good so far. No bumpers please, go for the Outlaw look.

andysharrock 19th September 2020 19:54

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what a difference a bit of primmer makes it shows I have loads of tweaking filling and sanding yet again. still getting there sweet but yar

Attachment 7102

Attachment 7103

molleur 20th September 2020 00:24

Fantastic so far.

redratbike 20th September 2020 13:12

Looking good

Mister Towed 27th September 2020 07:58

I've been off the grid for a couple of weeks doing other stuff and thought I'd catch up with progress on the forum this morning and WOW!

Incredible progress and it's really coming together as a resolved and unique design.

Just as I'm (very slowly) using 550 Spyder cues to create the look of a 356 racer by Wendler, you have managed, pretty much from scratch, to make a very convincing 356 Coupe by Hebmuller.

Just awesome.

Biggles 10th September 2021 13:25

Looks like Andy is selling off a load of stuff including this car project on ebay…

Mister Towed 10th September 2021 18:47


Originally Posted by Biggles (Post 106856)
Looks like Andy is selling off a load of stuff including this car project on ebay…

Can't seem to find it, can you post a link please?

Lucky@LeMans 10th September 2021 22:31

Mister Towed 10th September 2021 22:42

Thank you :)

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