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TheLaughingCow 9th November 2013 10:31

New Mx250 Build

A quick introduction

I am TheLaughingCow (my friends call me martyn)

Im in Essex, ive been into the classic mini scene my whole life.

A regular poster on online mini forums and my daily drive is a 1978 mini clubman saloon.

For years ive been trying to find a mint reasonably priced Triumph GT6,
(not everyones cup of tea i know!)

i must be a sucker for poorly built british rustboxes

then i stumbled across the MX250 kit..... WOW imediately i knew i have to make one of these. I've had two mx5s eunos imports before and i love the way they handle (almost as good as a mini!) the last 2 months relentless rain has caused an abundance of viable donor cars, so what better time!!

This week i took the plunge and ordered the Mx250 kit.

I have already sourced the donor car, a Manual eunos v spec with LSD, aircon power steering, tan leathers. came with plenty of sellable extras, a new tan roof fitted(with heated glass screen) 2 sets of original mazda wheels, tan torneau, a full car cover
even had full tank of petrol, MOT and 8 months Tax
all for 600
only needs some minor sill repairs, (my job for next week)

my build notes are as follows

* Im not building a ferrari replica, just a classic looking fastback coupe
* want it ready for spring 2014
* as many mod-cons as possible
* once assembled and prepped, vehicle will be vinyl wrapped
as a demonstrator for (colour undecided)
* Must be FAST
* Must be LOUD

i will add some donor car pics

zagmad 9th November 2013 17:14

How much for a full wrap on one of the 250's. My budget is very limited but thought I'd ask. Well when i say 250 i mean similar length and width. When? I'm not sure you would have to ask Chris but hoping before next year so can get exhaust fitted. Do you wrap door handles if primed and bumpers if primed.

regards Joe (joes alternative 250)

TheLaughingCow 11th November 2013 08:28

All depends on the choice of vinyl, prices start from 700 on a car of this size. That is for single non metallic gloss or matt vinyl. Door shuts/ bonnet/boot shuts are extra.

yes bumpers can be wrapped after primed but you need a good finish on the primer to guarantee the vinyl will adhere properly (1500 grade plus ideally)

most cars we will need to remove the handles, when wrapping the doors, whilst off the car we wrap the handles seperately. i'm assuming you have different handles to the standard mx5 ones then, i not wrapping mine, leaving them chrome.

TheLaughingCow 14th February 2021 14:26

So I think I figured out how to post images

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