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peterux 21st January 2006 21:54

Silicone Brake fluid
Has anyone got any experience or views on the use of Silicone Brake fluid in a kit car.
It sounds so good, it makes me wonder why manufacturesrs stick to using the old mineral stuff that absorbs water and needs changing every few years?

Are there any draw backs of the Silicone type?

regards to all builders and owners


Patrick 4th April 2006 21:09

It does seem like a good idea - no need to ever change it which would be nice. You could even keep whats left spare without having to worry about it absorbing water.

Patrick 5th April 2006 07:26

I decided to ask about this where it would get more exposure:

So its has it uses but there are some drawback (naturally)

peterux 14th April 2006 21:27

Thanks, patrick.

Since posting this, I did some research on the web.

Seems like despite its positive claims, I found quite a lot of negative articles and stories. None of the major brake manufacturers seem to reccomend it, so I am going stick some nice fresh DOT 5.1 brake fluid,



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